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Buying up to 10 bespoke suits prior to each tour, Conor McGregor zu sein the most stylish MMA fighter however it’s wie man he’s notfall suited that his fashion sense truly shines

Conor McGregor captions this instagram shot together “I am in las Vegas. Floyd has retirement on my arrival.” His stylish flair zu sein already evident from his choice of shirt und loafers. Bild rights:

Say what sie want about MMA fighter Conor McGregor trash talk his way into the most financially rewarding fight in history with decorated boxer floyd Mayweather; but for a male whose preferred profession entails getting beaten into a pulp und not gift allowed to shout, “not ns face!”, die Mixed Martial Artist zu sein one heck von a stylish man. In fact, from his lifestyle, Conor McGregor might just be die best dressed MMA fighter ever.

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Currently signed to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), McGregor has taken a bit des flack recently zum his upcoming bout with floyd Mayweather due to the fact that he’s never stepped right into a boxing runde professionally und he’s about kommen sie fight, arguably, die greatest boxer von our generation. Wie man asked on late night show Conan whether McGregor would be interested an switching sports, McGregor mischievously replied Conan O’Brien that he was willing to “dance” with Mayweather zum US$180 million. That was back in July 2015 and on 26 august 2017, it aussehen like ns McGregor-Mayweather struggle joke zu sein going kommen sie become a reality.


Conor McGregor pictured below with his gelb Rolex und his trendy feeling of fashion is plainly evident. Image rights:

This is a stunning breakthrough mostly since Mayweather retired through a 49-0 professional boxing record during his job from 1996 kommen sie 2015 yet with die McGregor-Mayweather fight perhaps netting each man a cool figure north des US$100 million, the gave ns bout the go front (though considering Mayweather’s US$225 millon networth, he more likely wanted kommen sie round hoch his fight statistics to in even 50-0). The said, ns focus des this story is McGregor und how literally, the richer that gets, ns better dressed he becomes.

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McGregor pictured right here with flip nach oben shapes top top a pair of flat oberteil prescription glasses, louis Vuitton shirt and a Patek Philippe Nautilus chronograph. Image rights:


Conor McGregor’s wristshot corresponding his royal Oak Offshore Chronograph with full pave diamond bezel und his practice croco-skin sneakers. Image rights:

Conor McGregor ist the many Stylish MMA Fighter Ever

Possessed weil das a passion zum fine watches prefer a diamond encrusted Franck Muller, an equally bejewelled Audemars Piguet royal Oak Offshore chronograph, a Patek Philippe Nautilus und a Rolex Sky-Dweller, McGregor security a ton of money ~ above tailored suits, particularly tailored suits from david August. In aside, McGregor is not the only celebrity client von the American tailor. David august dresses hollywood superstars favor Terence Howard, chris Hemsworth and Sylvester Stallone. Brand CEO david Heil when disclosed zu TMZ that McGregor orders 8 to 10 suits before each media tour, spending bei estimated US$4,000 kommen sie US$10,000 ~ above each fit – not in extraordinary sum but one similar in price ranges von the finest bespoke fit tailors top top Savile Row. If ns numbers des suits notified gives you pause, the should. Sizes of elite athletes, particularly fighters kann fluctuate. McGregor can lose weight kommen sie meet weigh-in zum featherweight klasse or verpacktem on muscle zum another fight in a various weight class, this way a neu tailored bespoke suit is necessary zum it to fit.

Conor McGregor ist the many stylish MMA fighter ever by how quickly he goes indigenous a david Auguste bespoke fit to straße style. Image rights:

While fabric is essentially a fixed cost varying slightly with amount of zutat used, traditionally it’s die manual labour which goes right into pattern cutting, canvasing und eventually stitching i m sorry adds hoch to die cost. Calculated über hour, each bespoke suit tends zu take 40 zu 70 hours des work relying on detail and complexity. The said, many thanks to david August, it’s fairly easy kommen sie be taken into consideration well dressed, anyone can with the support von a angestellter tailor. But it’s wie man McGregor ist out von a suit that his stylishness zu sein really on complete display.

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McGregor phone call his yacht – “the 188”, a referral to irish weekly joblessness benefits wie man he was a down und out fighter prior to he hit ns big leagues. Bild rights:


McGregor’s yacht called “The 188” zu sein a reminder des humble beginnings and the quintessential rags to riches story. Especially potent for bei Irishman. Image rights:

For someone an the hyper-masculine blood sport, McGregor has actually a surprisingly identified eye zum colour and proportions. A cursory glance punkt his instagram account, NotoriousMMA reflects a fairly curated lifestyle von Bentley high-end cars, lamborghini super cars, private jets und Louis Vuitton shirts.