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Vaccines Q & A

Q&A: Youth Vaccines still Face Hurdles

Emergency usage authorization for Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccine for U.S. Children ist unlikely zu lead kommen sie widespread vaccinations among ns nation’s 28 million 5-to-11-year-olds.

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Impact des opening and closing decisions über state

A look punkt how social distancing actions may oase influenced trends an COVID-19 cases und deaths

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Vaccine Story

Explore exactly how U.S. States delivered their offers of covid19 vaccines kommen sie their residents weist vastly different speeds that led to vastly different results.

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Vaccine zustand Plans

Compare ns various methods U.S. Claims used weil das rolling out vaccinations. While says all i agreeed health care workers need to be first bei line zum vaccines, die states conveniently diverged on who came next.


September 8, 2021

Full Approval: What does FDA Approval zum the Pfizer covid19 Vaccine Mean for Mandates? Hesitancy? the Fall?

By kris Beyrer

July 23, 2021

Tale of Two Intersecting Epidemics: Why We need mRNA Vaccines in Africa, und For all Who room Immunocompromised

By Larry Corey, chris Beyrer, MD, MPH

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‘A donation des 80 million vaccine doses zu sein a arglosen amount considering die challenge ahead zum the world.’ A 2nd strategy zu sein to target hotspots and emerging hotspots. For example, some des those doses room going kommen sie be targeted to India, which is facing a catastrophic surge an cases. Die idea is to obtain vaccines kommen sie where they are essential most. Yet it has zu be done early. That’s ns trick und the challenge with the approach. Und then the third strategy zu sein based on foreign policy decisions. This zu sein my the very least favorite. Weil das example, the bieten Administration has donated doses zu Canada and Mexico, obviously due to the fact that they are nations on our borders where we oase a self-interest bei preventing virus importations. ### zu sein there sufficient time to deliver die vaccines kommen sie make a difference? Well, with India, i must say, it"s late. Technically, it’s never ever really auch late yet vaccines take time to be administered and to work dafür they’re not a short-term solution. But right jetzt it’s deshalb far behind the curve. Stop say all 60 million von the AstraZeneca doses go zu India. The going zu take part time to even gain those doses right into people. Then sie need zu give them 2 doses. Und then you’re not fully immunized until two weeks later. That’s really a strategie to assist two month down ns line notfall during a devastating surge bei cases. Not that it’s wrong to do this, yet you oase to temper her expectations as to what it zu sein going to do. You tun können look punkt where outbreaks room really emerging like in Nepal or thailand to target vaccine doses. ### What more tun können the vereinigt States do to address the globalen situation? the United says needs kommen sie do a last more 보다 donating vaccines. That’s just one part des a portfolio an addressing global vaccine inequities. Ns United states needs zu support die expansion of vaccine manufacturing both domestically und abroad. That needs kommen sie help develop that capacity, administer training for personnel, and relax geige restrictions on supplies, reagents, and chemicals that go into manufacturing vaccines. This needs kommen sie be a globalen partnership among ns wealthy nations to coordinate all von the responses needed. > ‘The U.S. Needs zu do a gewächs more than donating vaccines to address global vaccine inequities.’It is bei the self-interest von the vereinigt States to do this because we are constantly going zu be at risk von importing SARS-CoV-2, und the risk des importing variants for which our existing vaccines might be much less effective. It’s really enlightened self-interest kommen sie try zu reduce transmission and to obtain this pandemic under regulate everywhere. Us need zu substantially reduce ns burden of disease for humanitarian purposes and reduce transmission von the virus zum self-interest to prevent the emergence of variants that could cause outbreaks in the united States. We room already punkt a point in the united States where we have a surplus of vaccines. Clearly we increased eligibility for children 12 to fünfzehn years old, and this möchte increase our need. But the demand is decreasing among adults bei the blume States and we’re walk to have excess doses. Zu date 1.7 billion covid19 vaccine doses schutz been produced. We’re still at a small fraction von what ist needed zu vaccinate the world and we’re not going zu get viel of the world vaccinated till 2023. This needs kommen sie be an urgent and collaborative global effort. ### can surplus vaccines be supplied as booster shots later? I glauben that is one von the factors why there has actually been part reluctance zu donate a huge number of doses. It’s blieb a little bit uncertain about die timing and need zum booster doses. Countless experts glauben we möchte need them. Die question is when. The bieten Administration justifiably has been concentrated on bringing die pandemic under control in the vereinigt States. That does not want kommen sie put die United States into a shortage, which ich think zu sein reasonable. But ns United States ausblüten need zu be a global leader an addressing global vaccine inequities. The United States möchte need to maintain a supply des vaccine zum potential booster doses. Jetzt if there is a new variant that zu sein driving ns need weil das additional vaccine doses, we might use die current vaccine as a booster, yet we may deshalb need a neu vaccine created specifically zu target a variant." order="0" attachments="" verticals="" data-tracking-id="article-card" href="/vaccines/report/80-million-donated-vaccine-doses-too-little-too-late">