Corona baden württemberg was ist erlaubt

What regulations right now apply? What perform I oase to pay fist to? What can I do und enjoy in all the latest information here for a safe und relaxed stay in

Du schaust: Corona baden württemberg was ist erlaubt

Yes, tourist travel is permitted and you tun können enjoy - relaxed and safe.All businesses and leisure infrastructure are open.

Please grad that die warning level* has been an effect throughout Baden-Württemberg due to the fact that 03.11.2021: die 3G regulation with PCR test applies in closed rooms, a quick test zu sein no longer sufficient. All visitors must oase a negativ PCR test, convalescent or vaccinated proof.

*The warning level zu sein announced if ns hospitalisation incidence rate reaches or exceeds ns value des 8.0 on five consecutive functioning days or if ns utilisation of intensive treatment beds bei Baden- Württemberg reaches or above 250 on 2 consecutive working days.

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✅ Gastronomy (indoors & outdoors)

✅ Accommodation

✅Caracalla Spa

✅ Retail

✅ museum & Galleries Galerien und Gedenkstätten

✅ Casino

✅Leisure companies (e.g. Merkur railway, city Train, segway Tours, carriage Rides, tuk tuk tours and much more)

✅Parks and Gardens

✅ cultural events

✅ Guided city tours

✅ Discos

✅ Sports

❌ Friedrichsbad Spa (Re-opening on die 1st des December 2021)

Special rule apply zu all areas weil das your protection, these can be discovered below.

Areas des life


Accommodation 3G* (renewed rapid prüfung every 3 days)
Gastronomy & unterhalten venues (indoors)** 3G+ (Vaccinated, recovered, PCR tested)
Leisure facilities (indoors) 3G+ (Vaccinated, recovered, PCR tested)
Cultural establishments (indoors) 3G+ (Vaccinated, recovered, PCR tested)
Discos 2G***
Public occasions (indoors) 3G+ (Vaccinated, recovered, PCR tested)
Tourist website traffic (boat trips, cable cars, bus trips etc.) 3G+ (Vaccinated, recovered, PCR tested)
Retail Without further regulations
Public transport Without additional regulations
Religious events Without more regulations
Fairs, exhibitions, congresses(indoors) 3G+ (Vaccinated, recovered, PCR tested)
Sports (indoors) 3G+ (Vaccinated, recovered, PCR tested)
Close-contact services 3G
Private gatherings and private events 1 household plus 5 various other people(Vaccinated and recovered persons aren"t counted)****

* 3G:Proven to schutz been vaccinated, oase recovered or have been experiment (rapid-test) / 3G+: Proven to have been vaccinated, schutz recovered or schutz been experiment (PCR prüfen required) ** Outdoors: 3G restriction*** 2G: Proven to oase been vaccinated or to oase recovered**** Vaccinated and recovered persons hoch to and including 17 years des age and persons that cannot be vaccinated for medical factors are notfall counted. Couples who carry out not direkt together count as one household.

Please take right into account the establishments oase the choice des the 2G option. Therefore, please examine the belang provider before your visit. Please save observing ns distance rules and the obligation zu wear a mask.

An overview des the infrastructure (test centres, pharmacies, doctor"s surgeries and test offers of the gastronomy & hotel industry) that at this time offer coronavirus testing opportunities kann be discovered here.

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The "3G rule" (short for German “geimpft, getestet, genesen") meansvaccinated, tested, recovered.

3G:Proven to have been vaccinated, oase recovered or schutz been tested (rapid-test) 3G+: Proven to oase been vaccinated, have recovered or have been tested (PCR prüfung required)

Our colleagues möchte be happy to answer any questions sie may have by telephone or email.

Tourist info OfficeMon zu Fri 09:00 kommen sie 18:00 hrsPhone +49 7221 275 200Mail info

Due to die dynamically emerging situation, you wollen always discover up-to-date info on die following pages:

Information from die State des Baden-Württemberg

Current information weil das Baden-Württemberg

General information on the current situation bei Germany

Current travel die info from the Federal Ministry des Health

Risk assessment & FAQs of the Robert kochen Institute


Together zum a safe & peaceful stay bei The check-in system "luca" enables fast and data protection-compliant contact tracking. If you schutz a smartphone, it is in sure zu use ns app.
an ext

schon fast & for sure
test centres in
There are numerous corona testing facilities bei You kann find bei overview von the facilities (test centres, pharmacies and doctors" surgeries) that right now offer testing avenues here.