In general,all tourism-related facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia space open. For indoor gastronomy, overnight stays or tourist bus tours and participation an many events, proof of complete vaccination, restore or additionally a negative corona test should be presented. Normally, a rapid test that ist no much more than 48 hours old zu sein sufficient; zum club visits und other occasions where dancing takes place, negativ PCR tests or fast antigen tests that space no much more than six hours alt are required.

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In case des doubt, us recommend that freundin contact ns tourism provider directly zu find out about possible compulsory testing, more requirements or adjusted opening hours.

It is deshalb important to klasse that masks must still be worn in some locations such as einkaufen or windy transport. Bei some cases, masks are compelled that meet weist least a clinical or FFP2 standard.

Travellers entering or returning from a country where virologe variants space widespread in ~ the belastung ten job prior kommen sie their entry must quarantine themselves immediately after their arrival until 14 job after their departure from the affected country und are subject zu observation von the local health authority during this time. If usual symptoms occur, they must be reported automatically to die health office. Exceptions apply to fully vaccinated people who oase been vaccinated through a vaccine assessed von the RKI as effective against die respective virologe variant.A negative corona test must deshalb be presented upon entry. Which locations are considered "virus different areas" kann sein be discovered on the website of the Robert cook Institute at

Anyone who has actually stayed in another high-incidence area designated von the RKI within ten job prior kommen sie entry should be quarantined, but tun können end this quarantine über submitting a negativ test no earlier than five days after entry. Zum people beginning from normalerweise risk areas, proof of complete vaccination with an EU-approved vaccine, restore or conversely a negativ test result zu sein sufficient.

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If in area is downgraded from a virus variant area zu a high incidence area after ~ entry and before the end of the possible quarantine, the regulations weil das high incidence locations apply. If an area zu sein completely phased out throughout quarantine, quarantine ends.

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Current die info on the corona virus kann sein be found on die website des the north Rhine-Westphalian zustand chancellery punkt Ns current corona protection regulation can also be found there. Zum questions of a non-medical nature, the state government has also set nach oben a citizens" call number: +49 211 / 9119-1001.

Be sure kommen sie take care of yourself! to plan her upcoming trips to North Rhine-Westphalia, you wollen find plenty of suggestions on our website. Us look forward zu seeing you!