The SPD-billboard also shows ns party’s frontrunner katrin Budde, with ns caption "It zu sein time weil das fair wages".This zu sein Katrin Budde, she ist the frontrunner zum the Social autonomous Party des Germany, SPD. She zu sein hoping to get elected neu prime minister von Saxony-Anhalt on march 13. She has actually been parliamentary splitter linterparty leader bei Saxony-Anhalt weil das ten years. It ist the 50-year-old’s zuerst time together frontrunner for her party. Budde studied engineering. The fall of the berlin Wall in 1989 sparked produziert political interest. She has been politically energetic ever due to the fact that then.Their core issue zu sein social justice. The spd wants greater wages weil das the people in Saxony-Anhalt. They so say the the state needs zu be far better marketed zu tourists, bei order to strengthen in important economic factor.Bildrechte: Deutschländer

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FDP-Frontrunner offen Sitta with ns caption "Wir sind fleißig, mutig und schlau. Uns werden zeigen nicht dafür regiert. Keine Wahl zusammen jede andere. Bastelte wir was draus", i m sorry translates into "We room hardworking, brave and smart. Only we are not goverened like it. No an option like any type of other, deswegen let us make miscellaneous out von it".This is frank Sitta. He ist the frontrunner weil das the FDP, the Free autonomous Party. They room not in the zustand parliament at die moment, yet definitely want to change that. Zu reenter the parliament, the fdp has made 37-year-old politics scientist frank Sitta your frontrunner.The splitter linterparty makes the currently administer coalition of CDU and SPD responsible weil das what they speak to a gridlock. The fdp wants zu change that, for example von expanding the railroad- and road network. An the party’s eyes, ns current situation is responsible zum the overtly long morning commute des many workers in the state. They also want kommen sie get even the smallest villages connected to high-speed internet and they deshalb want much better education for young people.Bildrechte: Deutschländer
The caption on this poster von the AfD reads "Sichere grenzen statt grenzenloser Kriminalität", i m sorry translates right into "safe boundaries instead of limitless crime". Die caption above reads "Wir zum unsere Heimat", which way "We zum our home." their claim an the bottom-left edge reads "WIR sind Deine stimme dafür", which means "We are your vote weil das this".This ist the erste time ever before that "Alternative zum Deutschland" ist taking part in the election zum state parliament bei Saxony-Anhalt. It zu sein a reasonably young party, your state verband has to be founded bei 2013. Your frontrunner ist 40-year-old businessman André Poggenburg.In their at an early stage days, the splitterpartei was largely critical von the Euro, but danach on ns AfD arisen into a splitter linterparty mostly critical des refugees. According zu their views, closing the German borders möchte stop a "chaotic mass-immigration". The AfD is viewed über many onlookers as right-wing und populist. They contact themselves liberal- and national-conservative.Bildrechte: Deutschländer

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The parties' election-postersElection bei Saxony-AnhaltElection bei Saxony-Anhalt

On in march 13, 2016 die people von Saxony-Anhalt are spreading their vote zum a neu state-parliament. Fifteen political neben are approved zum the elections. We existing six von them and explain ns parties' key issues.