Corona-test baden-württemberg kostenlos

Data sources: Johns Hopkins university CSSE (international dünn from WHO, CDC (USA), ECDC (Europe), NHC, DXY (China), und reports from German authorities (Robert kochen Institute, and regional and state wellness departments)) via

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Coronavirus live map

Coronavirus continues zu spread internationally and has already reached every continents. In overview von current figures in Germany und worldwide statistics kann sein be found on the interactive direkt map from funke media group. Ns map provides insights ~ above which regions are most impacted worldwide and how die statistics are an altering over time.

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Vaccine rollout zu sein making progress! A lot has taken place since ns first covid vaccine was officially approved at the end of 2020. Uncover out everything you need zu know about vaccination statistics, vaccine development, approved vaccines, die approval process, discussions on causing obligation vaccination, and possible side results of coronavirus vaccines. We’ve summarized the most essential information zum you.

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Where can I gain tested weil das COVID-19?

Rapid coronavirus tests kann be performed an various prüfung centers without much effort. However, if you schutz reasons to suspect infection, the following choices are available.

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*Only patients through urgent or significant symptoms need to visit in emergency room.


Would sie like zu get tested for SARS-CoV-2?

If you decide kommen sie get tested for SARS-CoV-2, there room a couple of types des tests available: direct virologe detection using a fast antigen prüfung or PCR (throat swab) und antibody trial and error (blood test). Direct virologe detection shows whether sie are at this time infected v coronavirus, while antibody experimentation determines whether her immune system has emerged antibodies due kommen sie a previous infection.

Slowing die spread of corona – prevention bei everyday life

Transmission des coronavirusSimilar to die common influenza (flu) virus, coronavirus spreads primarily durch respiratory (droplet) transmission. This occurs wie people sneeze und cough, also as when people touch your noses, mouths, or eye after shiver hands.

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Hygiene tipsIt ist recommended to avoid close call with others. Do sure zu wash und disinfect her hands consistently if you oase exposure kommen sie public spaces or other risk factors (e.g. Traveling by train, public facilities, world coughing or sneezing in their hands). Inspect with neighborhood authorities kommen sie find out wie man wearing a challenge mask an public zu sein recommended.

In summary, this list von measures substantially reduces die risk des infection:

Who ist most weist risk?

Currently people who might be at higher risk von more serious complications from covid include:

Older adult (65 years and older)Patients v congenital or acquired immune deficiencies (e.g due to medications used in chemotherapy)Children are notfall at greater risk according to current evidence

Which preventative procedures should people bei high risk teams take?

If sie belong zu a high danger group, please grad the complying with guidelines:

Follow general rules of hygiene and conductTake measures to reduce call Limit social contact to die bare minimum and stay home if possibleConsider asking neighbors, friends, and family members kommen sie help gaining groceries or medicationActively educate yourself about ns state von the pandemic always keep her insurance card all set with a list von current medications und pre-existing conditions