Corona Test Flughafen Frankfurt Dauer

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All important information zum your trip weist a glance: uncover out more about existing travel und entry regulations, covid-19 rules of conduct at die airport, prüfung possibilities und other valuable tips.

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Covid-19 testen at die airport

Take advantage of testing possibilities at ns airport for arriving und departing passengers. Learn an ext about the testing possibilities and quarantine regulations an Hesse.

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FAQ Covid-19

Where do I have to wear a mask? wie man do ich need a covid Test? i m sorry airlines space flying ideal now? die most commonly asked questions and answers regarding the covid at a glance

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FRA continues to be "Safe indigenous Covid-19"

“Safe travel” continues kommen sie be possible via frankfurt Airport. This has actually been reconfirmed von TÜV Hesse, i beg your pardon recently extended FRA’s “Safe from Covid-19” top quality seal zum another sechs months.

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Transferring weist FRA

Important information regarding transferring in Frankfurt Airport. It is in aware of the screens displaying up-to-date trip information. Our employee is also ready zu help freundin find your next connecting flight.

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Shopping & Dining

Welcome on the back! Many geschäft & restaurants at the airport are open again und looking forward kommen sie your visit! plenty of restaurants bei the terminals are now offering indoor catering with seating.