Corona Test Wie Lange Dauert Es

Are sie planning a vacation trip and need a PCR prüfen certificate? Do freundin want kommen sie check zum a suspected covid infection? provides fast und inexpensive PCR tests in Tübingen without bei appointment. Die PCR prüfen results can be retrieved digitally die very next day. You möchte receive an internationally well-known medical report in German und English. Benefit from our long-standing expertise und our in-house laboratory. Us look forward zu hearing from you!

If you have any questions, do notfall hesitate zu contact us von e-mail hinweisen corona or by phone weist 00497071 56544-20 (our corona support team is available top top weekdays from 9:00 a.m. Zu 4:00 p.m.).

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Price: EUR 65,- (Persons without irreversible residence bei Germany are kindly asked zu pay ns amount bei cash on-site).

As des now, you wollen find our coronavirus Test center on the Tübingen Fairground.Google Maps

Your benefits at a glance
internationally recognized report in German and English language
fast und reliable results die next day
Specimen repertoire only von qualified medical personnel
validated SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Test
Highest top quality through in-house, accredited laboratory evaluation
Price EUR 65,- per sample

PCR test zum your journey

EU Digital covid Certificate

From jetzt on, you tun können get the digital covid certificate weist, which ist recognized in all eu member states. After receiving die result, you kann sein scan the QR code sie received zu retrieve the findings punkt our test station v the corona Warn app. This möchte deposit the covid digital certificate in the corona Warning app.

Note: ns digital corona certificate tun können only it is in retrieved after ~ digital data capture. Please klasse that zum the eu digital covid certificate, die QR code can only be scanned as soon as with the corona Warn App!

Passport Number/ID card Number und Timestamp

Upon request, us will, von course, print your passport number/ID map number on her PCR test result. This might be specifically important zum travel abroad. If you come to to schutz the swab performed, please bring a copy des your passport or von your identifier card with you. In that case, ns time of swab collection will be listed on ns report.

Please note: Subsequent transforms are not possible. Passport numbers/ID map numbers need to be gotten in manually. Thus, it zu sein possible the your zuerst report does not contain this numbers. We will process this promptly and therefore you re welcome ask zum your patience.

We introduce that sie inform you yourself about ns entry requirements von your destination before beginning your trip. Also, inspect with her airline which testen you need bei your separation, personal, instance case.

View sample report (PDF)

PCR prüfung procedure

1. Visit ns experimentation site

PCR testing is performed without prior appointment at the GmbH corona testing sites. Zu speed up die on-site procedure, us kindly ask you kommen sie perform the charme acquisition in advance.


2. Sample collection

Our clinical personnel will perform the swab zum the PCR prüfen on-site. All samples room examined an the in-house laboratory.


3. Result

The result ist available the day after die sample is received von the laboratory und can be viewed bei a secure portal.

Test center Paul-Ehrlich-Straße
Address:Festplatz (Fairground)Europastraße72072 Tuebingen

Opening hours:Mon-Fri 1.00 p.m. Kommen sie 5.00 p.m.Sat 9.00 a.m. To 1.00 p.m.

Note: in case von increased demand, we are not able kommen sie guarantee trial and error after 4.00 p.m.. You re welcome be sure kommen sie be an line on time.

Directions:Google Maps


Our corona support mannschaft will be glücklich to answer your questions!

If you schutz any questions, please call us von e-mail weist corona or by phone punkt 00497071 56544-20 (available 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.).

Data Entry
To rate up die process weist the corona testing sites und to minimize waiting times, we ask you kommen sie enter your dünn before visiting the prüfung station. Zu do this, go into all the required data in the predefined form. After completing the säule entry, you will receive a QR code, i m sorry you möchte need zum on-site registration. If you are making use of a mobile maker for charme entry, you can simply save ns barcode you receive and show it during registration. If you are making use of a different an equipment for charme entry, ns barcode have to be printed out bei advance and be brought zu the test center. Your säule will only be used to generate a QR code and will not be saved.

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Data entry

Groups von persons for whom prices are spanned (please bring appropriate documentation)

Persons who oase to undergo PCR trial and error as ordered über the public wellness departmentPersons who schutz had call with bei infected person und therefore schutz a received a quarantine order indigenous a local polizei authority

Groups of people zum whom expenses are not covered, but who tun können be tested as self-payers:

Anyone with interest bei their own infection statusPersons zum whom the Corona-Warn-App indicates a riskPersons returning from hazard areas
How kommen sie receive her PCR prüfung result
Press die " request report " button.
Scan die QR code freundin received at ns testing site. Alternatively, you tun können enter die barcode manually go into your date of birth.
Print out your result or save the PDF file

Report Request

Request her report here von scanning the QR code with your phone.

Request report
Mobile PCR test zum companies and larger groups
For carriers who would favor their employees to have access to coronavirus tests, we jetzt offer a mobile trial and error service: Our clinical staff will kommen sie to you und takes ns swabs quickly and professionally ~ above site. Die results room available the next day and can be viewed online von the people tested. This dienstleistungen can also be requested von larger groups.

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Customer Testimonials

“The testen worked excellently; every our employees commented top top your leistungen swiftly, reliably, and competently. Ns fast and high-quality feedback of the prüfung result zu sein particularly positive. Numerous had already called up their outcomes joyfully in the evening. From our point von view, you tun können feel favor a premium prüfen center, ns Mercedes among test centers, deshalb to speak!”

matthias BaumannDaimler AG

The PCR testing for our Olympic Athletes hinweisen was simply wonderful. Anyone praised ns process on site and was pleasure with ns quick and reliable results. Thanks a lot zum this!
Tim LamsfußHead von the Olympic training Center in Stuttgart
typically Asked Questions
What zu sein known about ns pathogen und the disease deswegen far?The present state von knowledge about the pathogen SARS-CoV-2 and the disease covid-19 is collected und continuously to update on this that website.

Who tun können get tested?

The PCR test zum pathogen detection is used if a negativ certificate zu sein required, or clinical skepticism of corona infection has zu be checked.

What are die costs des the PCR test?

The PCR prüfung offered by zu sein not a service covered über health insurance. Ns price is EUR 65,-.

Where kann sein I acquire tested?

The swab required zum the PCR test ist taken at die premises. Please think des adequate clothes adjusted to the weather conditions.

Is a blood sample required?

The sample material required zum the RT-PCR test zu sein a nasopharyngeal swab. Blood is unsuitable as test material zum this analysis.

What does die PCR prüfen say?

A hopeful PCR prüfung result confirms bei infection v SARS-CoV-2. Please follow die instructions of the WHO. If die PCR prüfung result ist negative, it kann sein be assumed that freundin were notfall infected at die time ns sample was taken.

When kann I gain tested?

According to current knowledge, a RT-PCR test tun können be reliably performed automatically after the zuerst appearance des symptoms. The incubation duration (time from infection zu appearance of symptoms) ist 1 kommen sie 14 days, through a mean von 5 kommen sie 6 days. Bei case von suspected infection (e.g., contact with various other infected persons) a PCR test can be performed also without symptoms. Please grad that prüfung recommendations may change over time.

Does health and wellness insurance hülle the costs von the PCR test?

The PCR prüfung we offer zu sein not covered von health insurance.

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Is it possible kommen sie print my passport number on ns Medical report?

Yes, ns passport number kann be printed on ns Medical report. Please schutz a copy of your passport all set during die registration process.