Corona warn app android version

Corona-Warn-App starts bei Germany

an excellent hopes rest on the corona Warning App an the fight against the pandemic. Apple und Google oase already passed ns federal app. Indigenous mid June 2020 on you should be able zu download und use it. What must users know around it?

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The app does not help zu prevent infection. But it can help kommen sie inform people around risky meet afterwards. Customers are jetzt asking themselves plenty of questions - deshalb about the daily use des the app and how they must use the leistungen on their end devices.
The covid warning apps of ns federal government has its very own homepage (, which also provides links to download ns versions weil das iOS (iPhone) und Android. There is only one official Corona-Warn-App von country.
The apps is based on a principle from Apple und Google. Therefore the devices must be able to provide these regimen interfaces. On ns iPhone this functions from die current iOS 13.5 on, which zu sein available zum devices from iphone phone 6s on. Bei iPhone 6, 5S, 5 or in older model ist not sufficient. For android phones Bluetooth LE must be supported. An addition, android 6 or a newer ausführung must be running, and Google Play services must be allowed because the company does notfall provide die interfaces via Android, but durch these google services.

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The new android devices from huawei do not oase these google services. Möchte the app still operation there?

huawei wants kommen sie make the app work on his latest android smartphones through replicated google services. According to Huawei, the corresponding huawei services (HMS Core) must be updated kommen sie version The apps will not run ~ above Google-free android versions such as LineageOS or /e/.
The apps uses Bluetooth radio technology, which zu sein otherwise used to control wireless speakers, key-boards or various other devices. Depending upon the smartphone model, the transmits in anonymous to know number 16 zeit to the immediate vicinity hinweisen intervals von two and a hilfreich to five minutes. At ns same time, the phone listens to see if it tun können receive Bluetooth signal from others. If customers who space both to run the app stay side by side, die smartphones exchange their IDs.
the developers say that the anwendung doesn't draw viel power and uses only a tiny fraction des the battery capacity. An ext problematic than the corona Warning app could be the many various other apps the are also installed ~ above a usual smartphone. If other applications wake hoch from sleep mode together with ns Corona-Warn-App - zum example social media clients or postwahlwirren programs - this kann sein already shorten die runtime von the smartphone. That's deshalb the hauptsächlich reason why the anwendung doesn't transmit constantly, but only every two und a half to five minutes.
If you oase tested positive for Covid-19, you kann sein enter this status into the app yourself. Kommen sie prevent abuse, this status must it is in officially confirmed. This kann be done von means des a QR code, which you receive indigenous the prüfung lab. Alternatively freundin can deshalb enter a TAN - a transaction number - which freundin get indigenous a phone call hotline, as notfall all laboratories room able to generate QR codes. Bei case of infection, the affected anwendung contacts wollen then obtain a article that they must be tested.

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Meanwhile, data protectionists worship the app after the zuerst concepts schutz been severely criticized. With the app and the damit verbundenen services, die true identities von the users are notfall exchanged, but only anonymous IDs that readjust several times bei hour. Die contact dünn is deshalb not save centrally - as was initially planned - but decentrally on ns respective smartphones. Only die list of anonymized IDs von infected persons zu sein kept on a central server, und the matching process takes place specifically on ns individual smartphones.
such a question should actually have been regulated in the employed staff contract, but zu sein usually not mentioned there. In many cases, ns employer wollen therefore notfall be able to order this in spite of his duty des care towards employees and customers. However, some lawyers glauben that this tun können be ordered in the case des purely business mobile phones and frequent contacts v colleagues und customers.
Reports top top the corona Warning app repeatedly state that die full effect is only achieved when 60 percent des the population or more participate. This figure comes from a scientific study from Oxford. But die researchers deshalb say that die number des infections and deaths decreases even if die application rate ist lower.
No. The apps can just help zu identify chains von infection an ext quickly. If you want kommen sie protect yourself und others native infections, freundin should deshalb keep your street with die app in your mobile phone and wear a mask.

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