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Visits of sick relatives und accompanying them kommen sie outpatient appointments room possible kommen sie a restricted extent. Each patient may obtain a maximum of one visitor über day. In order kommen sie ensure the greatest possible safety zum patients und staff, die possibilities zum visits are plainly limited zum the time being und will be strikt monitored von the staff of the universität Hospital.

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Contact einzelheiten registration

For ns purpose of providing information to die public health department or ns local police, ns clinic ist obliged under §§16 und 25 lfSG to collect and store ns contact einzelheiten of visitors, accompanying persons und other außen persons.At all clinic entrances, us offer die option von submitting the required contact data via the Luca app. Alternatively, contact details tun können be left by analogue method (in writing).We recommend ns use von the Luca app for fast-track admission.

external persons are

experienced craftsmen and technical personnel, ar staff und fitterstaxi services, male and female drivers, male und female suppliersexternal guests such as arbeit applicants, pharmaceutical sales representativesrepresentatives von public authoritiesmembers des self-help groups, support associations und volunteersexternal therapeutic personnelexternal conference participants und lecturersetc.


Measures zum the protection of patients and employees:

Appointments und stay at ns clinic

treatments take location as planned. If therapies that are not medically urgent oase to be postponed bei individual cases, impacted patients wollen be educated proactively and an good time von the clinic. Calls von patients are not necessary. Ns University Hospital contacts every patients über telephone the day before their appointment and inquires about their state von health.Patients are admitted to ns clinic structures at ns earliest 45 minutes before your appointment. There should always be as couple of people as possible in the wait areas. Patients must leave die clinic easily after their therapy appointment.Currently there room no offen consultation hours at the University Hospital von Tübingen: Patients kann sein only kommen sie to the hospital with bei appointment or as bei emergency.

wear a mouth-nose protection and always keep adequate distance

all patients who kommen sie to ns hospital together outpatients or inpatients wollen receive a an easy mouth-and-nose protector from die hospital at die entrances/gates. This should be worn permanently in the hospital. A adequate distance of at least 1.5m need to be maintained punkt all times. For this reason, the waiting areas in the hospital have been completely redesigned und the registrations oase been reorganised where possible.

Health inspect at die entrances

native Monday, 27.4.2020, all patients und their accompanying persons wollen fill out a short questionnaire. You are welcome zu fill the out punkt home the day before and bring it v you.

Download questionnaire (DE)Download questionnaire (EN)Download questionnaire (AR)

Please klasse further info at ns entrances

medical certificates submitted weil das exemption from wearing a mouth and nose protector möchte be examined again by a specialist

The university Hospital des Tübingen has actually established the following procedure zum the protection von its patients and staff:

Certificates presented at ns clinic entrances zum exemption from wearing a mouth and nose protector (MNS) space again examined von a specialist.

Whether zum health reasons die wearing of in MNS can be waived, möchte be decided bei the context des this clinical individual case examination by the corona responsible physicians des the particular hospitals und departments on site in the enntrance gate area. These identify whether accessibility to the hospital kann sein be granted without a mask.


Accompanying people

Patients room allowed kommen sie be accompanied von a personen during emergencies and outpatient appointments in urgent cases. 

Medical reasons for in escort are

physical or cognitive limitationslanguage barrierscomplex diagnostic und therapeutic discussions.



From Thursday, august 26, 2021, visits über sick relatives at tübingen University Hospital will again it is in possible zu a greater level - albeit ~ above a minimal basis.

Visits are possible daily betwee 1 und 6 pm

Visitors must blieb register through their call details and complete a questionnaire before ns visit. This ist done at ns entrance control.

The adhering to visiting regulation apply:

Visiting people must always be fully vaccinated, recovered or tested.A negativ rapid antigen test is valid for admission to die hospital for 24 hours, a negativ PCR test for 48 hours.There zu sein no much longer a best number of visiting persons von day, however a maximum of one visiting person may it is in with die sick relative. In the Children"s Hospital, bei deviation from ns general visiting regulations, number of visiting people are permitted at the same time, dafür that both parents kann sein visit ns sick child.Visitors should always observe ns distance rules during their continue to be at the clinic and wear a clinical mouth/nose protection. This will be handed out at die entrances.

Please grad that additional restrictions on visiting hours and the number des persons might apply in individual, perceptible ward areas (e.g. Intensive treatment units, oncology, hematology, geriatrics).

there is still a half on visiting people,who schutz symptoms of a respiratory infection or elevated temperatureWho oase had contact with who with covid19 or in unrefuted suspected case bei the past 14 days; orwho have themselves been sick with Covid-19 in the past 4 weeks or who have been suspected of having the disease the has notfall been proven to be refuted.

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General Notes

basic notes

Patient occasions are blieb not acquisition place.The universität Women"s Hospital supplies some von its courses and events online via webinars or videos. Every information kann sein be found on die website des the university Women"s Hospital:



The Clinic zum Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine zu sein participating an a neu observational study the examines die effectiveness des preventive, self-executed corona tests.

Pupils und teaching staff von the Geschwister-Scholl-School und the Dorfacker- und Köstlinschule bei Tübingen have the opportunity to perform a corona test independently from home by means des a neck swab.

The results of the pilot task should show whether such preventive testing kann sein contribute zu a safe college operation throughout the corona virus pandemic an order zu avoid feasible school closures.

From the summer holidays to ns autumn holidays, all participants in the study tun können take the prüfung several times und free von charge.Participation in the study is voluntary, the prüfen kits space provided by Centogene.

Click here zum a contribution des the SWR to ns " corona test campaignat tübingen schools".

More about the corona children study


The University medicine Network

In order to strengthen and bundle know-how and resources in researching und combating Covid-19, the bmbf is funding the establishment of the Network University (NUM), which zu sein coordinated über the Charité and encompasses ns entire German universität medicine.

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Within the framework of the NUM, ns participating university hospitals space investigating an extremely different aspects of Covid-19 an twelve projects. Due to the cooperative, structure-building character von the projects and activities von the network, in important contribution is thus being made to die optimised handling von future pandemics (keyword Pandemic Preparedness).