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Counter-Strike: global Offensive is one von the most renowned multiplayer, first-person shooter game bei the videobilien game world. It zu sein the recent installment in the long-running series.

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The game comes with amazing gameplay where players play together terrorists or counter-terrorists. Players are required kommen sie complete the given objective while fighting the enemy team.

Counter-Strike: GO zu sein a combination des great gameplay und features. Indigenous multiple modes kommen sie tons von weapons and maps, the game has everything freundin would want in a shooting-based game. Besides, that has good graphics which keep the players hooked on to ns game. The good thing ist that you tun können play that on PC and consoles. It is compatible through Xbox 360 und PlayStation 3.

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What zu sein Counter-Strike: global Offensive about?

Developed by Hidden course Entertainment and Valve, Counter-Strike: globalen Offensive (CS: GO) ist a team-based first-person shooter game. The game was launched an 2012, however even zu this day, many players prefer kommen sie play the over other shooter games.

CS: GO ist the 4th installment in the Counter-Strike series which took die entire gaming world by storm. Die game was released zum Windows, Mac, PlayStation, und Xbox 360. They letztere released ns Linux version an 2014.

The game zu sein all about eliminating your enemy mannschaft while perfect objectives. The entire gameplay bring away place betwee two teams including terrorists und counter-terrorists. Both the teams are tasked v eliminating the opposite team.

The game is made exciting with lot of rounds von objectives and modes. Players space required zu win best rounds to win the match. Just like any kind of other shooter game, CS: GO too features new characters, maps, und weapons. Every this makes the game an ext interesting for players. 

CS: go provides freundin a platform zu showcase her shooting skills. It needs a full-proof strategie to win die game. You kann try out various game modes to brush her skills. In total, there are nine game modes and each of them come with distinct features which makes it challenging und fun at the same time.

The game deshalb provides matchmaking assistance that enables you zu play the on specialized Valve servers. In 2018, they introduced a new mode dubbed Danger Zone.

Since that is release, ns game has actually drawn ns attention von over 10 million players. It has received many positive reviews along with some criticism. The game has some notable differences in the console und PC versions.


Global offensive comes with interesting gameplay the made that a hit amongst gamers. The is bei objective-based, multiplayer first-person shooter game.

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The gameplay take away place between two opposing teams known as counter-terrorists und terrorists. Both ns teams compete versus each other bei different video game modes.

The teams room required zu complete die given missions while defeating the enemy team. Some von the hauptsächlich objectives are defusing a bomb, securing a location, und capturing hostages. 

Players space required to play lot of rounds von the game zu win ns match. They room rewarded at the ende of each round based on ns team’s performs and their performance. Zum winning every round, sie get cost-free currency from ns game which you tun können spend on purchase weapons and other vital stuff.

The amount des currency given differs indigenous one game mode zu another. Football player can also face a financial penalty if they ende up law uncooperative activities such as killing teammates.

The game comes with five various categories of weapons. This contains guns und utilities together as hefty pistols, sub-machine guns, rifles, und grenades. Every weapon an the game is different and possesses unique qualities. Zu be successful, freundin need zu use the right weapon at ns right time.

Players are readily available nine video game modes including casual, competitive, arms race, deathmatch, weapons course, peril one, demolition, paris Scotsman, und wingman. Each game is different in terms of difficulty level. They schutz specific features that make each des the modes interesting zu play.

Features von Counter-Strike: globalen Offensive

If you have played global Offensive, freundin already know the features von the game. But for those that don’t have an idea, we space here kommen sie give you an overview.

Global offensive comes through several new features that space seen weil das the zuerst time in the series. Yet at the same time, they have deshalb removed countless features because des which ns game has received a gewächs of criticism. However we space here kommen sie focus on die features that you möchte get kommen sie enjoy in the game.

Here’s a briefe rundown:


Cross-platform game

Global Offensive ist compatible v all ns major platforms. It kann be play on both PC and consoles. It is compatible v Mac, fenstern PS3, and Xbox 360.

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Counter-Strike: global Offensive zu sein one of the finest shooter games you möchte ever play. Being ns fourth installment in the series, that comes with many an excellent features. The game offers everything that a shooter video game should have. The best part zu sein you tun können play it on whichever platform you want.

 Counter-Strike: globalen Offensive PC video game Download

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 Counter-Strike: globalen Offensive
21 august 2012
 Valve Corporation, Nexon, Xbox game Studios