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Port hamburg (Hamburger Hafen) is Germany"s biggest seaport and one of world"s largest cruise ports, currently ranked Europe"s 2nd-largest (after Rotterdam Holland) und world"s 15th-busiest. The is so an Elbe river port dealing with ~10,000 inland ship (including fluss cruise ships) annually. Together cruise port, hamburg is at this time ranked Europe"s second largest (after Southampton England) und world"s ninth largest. The stadt has population around 1,8 million (metro over 5 million).

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Hamburg is a significant turnaround cruise port an Northern Europe und one von the continent"s largest ports of call follow me itineraries across the Atlantic s and an the Baltic Sea (Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia and Russia). The port has actually 3x cruise ship terminals - HafenCity, Altona, Steinwerder. They all space capable des handling ns world"s largest cruise liners.


Port hamburg (aka "Hafen Hamburg") ist located ~ above Elbe River, approx 110 kilometer (70 ml) from ns North Sea. This is Germany"s biggest cargo / containership port. Ns port has big shipyards zum shipbuilding and repairs und refurbishments von mega yachts and large cruise liners. A huge part of the port"s cruise delivery schedule has listed (as homeported) vessels from die fleets of the German carriers AIDA,TUI, Hapag-Lloyd, Fred Olsen. Regularly here room homeported also CroisiEurope riverboats.

In die period October-April, HafenCity offers countless sightseeing außerhalb des spiels options, including ns harbour waterway. There are so many an excellent places zum leisure, dining, shopping, entertainment.

HafenCity Hamburg

HafenCity is in inner-city district von Hamburg. Bei the year 2000 (February 29), ns city"s Senate provided its approval to the Masterplan zum building the neu district. This project transformed die port"s edge (around downtown).


The arrangement originated an 1991 (after the fall of USSR / Cold War"s end). Due to the fact that 1995, the port"s owner HafenCity hamburg GmbH agency started obtaining (secretly purchasing) crucial festland areas that were privatgelände properties, including them to die port"s city-owned land.

In may 1997 was officially presented ns "Vision HafenCity" design plan to the public. The plan required die inner city to reclaim its waterfront festland (primarily Altona"s fluss Elbe embankment, between Fischmarkt and Museumshafen). This influenced only narrow festland areas on die riverfront.

An area von approx 1,6 km2 (0,6 ml2) had be emerged into a luxury inner-city district with mixed types des buildings (residential, leisure, cultural, business). Die HafenCity area was removed from die Port of hamburg territory. Under publicly law, a special fonds was established to hold public lands an the city"s ownership. The neu Altenwerder container terminal was also funded von the city.

HafenCity urban breakthrough planning was launched in April 1999. The Hamburgplan project"s main approval was announced an October 1999. HafenCity"s urban redevelopment plan was approved von the city"s Senate in February 2000. Ns plan was then opened up up kommen sie discussion through various public events.

The Masterplan integrated existing and new structures with die port"s waterways. It also included elevation of buildings (for flood protection) and development of HafenCity"s neighborhoods.

All city"s cruise traveler activies are managed über CGH (Cruise door Hamburg). The company is co-owned von Hamburg plane (49%) and Hamburg harbor Authority (51%). Die company was established an 2015 und is an charge von berth assignments weist Steinwerder Terminal and (since 2016) also at ns cruise terminals HafenCity und Altona. Bei September 2018, CGH rotate its cruise terminal parking right into multi-use parking so available for trucks (around 50 trailer lots) on no-ship days. Die parking zu sein CCTV-monitored and has restrooms.

Hamburg cruise port

Port hamburg handles 10000+ delivery calls von year. It has actually a total des 43 km / 27 ml quay walls. It offer 1200+ freight trains über week. It has 4 top-modern containership terminals, 7300+ logistic firms. The port handles over 0,5 million cruise tourists annually.

In 2015, MSC Cruises brought kommen sie the city over 100,000 tourists bei all 13 itineraries. MSC Splendida (max capacity 3929 pax) became the biggest cruise ship homeported in Hamburg. On June 1, 2015, while berthed (at Altona Terminal), AIDAsol was powered pierside by bei LNG hybrid Barge. Ns barge is a floating powerplant, on i beg your pardon LNG (liquefied organic gas) is heated and passed on kommen sie generators (5 motors) kommen sie produce electricity zum the hotel operations on the ship when docked bei port. The total energie output provided von the barge is 7,5 MV. The new practice to reduce greatly bad emissions and particle discharge in port (NO emissions von up to 80%, CO2 emissions von 30%).

In October 2015, Costa kopieren, gruppe (Carnival Corporation"s subsidiary controlling 3 brands - AIDA, Costa, Costa Asia) opened in Hamburg that is Carnival marine facility. Carnival Maritime hauptquartier (supported von Lufthansa Technik) enhances ship-to-shore communications über processing an real-time harbor traffic charme with a single goal - zu reduce to minimum cruise ship incidents bei the port. Carnival Maritime also monitors die ships" fuel consumption and wastewater.

In February 2016, Carnival copy, group announced its cooperation with the hamburg port"s courage Coordination zentral (abbrev HVCC) bei order to facilitate harbor entries zum the vessels des its subsidiary suppliers AIDA und Costa. Carnival will share ns ships" supposed port arrival/departure mal with the port"s NTK department, which will match die provided info with ns port"s present vessel website traffic data and adjust (if necessary) the ship"s speed. Die optimized speed regulate results bei fuel savings (lower fuel consumption und bad emissions) und reduced wait times in port. The HVCC zentral serves ocean-going ships (cruise vessels, feeder and inland waterway vessels) bei Port von Hamburg, while its NTK department zu sein controls the traffic flow. The HVCC ist a share venture of port"s 2 containership terminal operator - HHLA and CTH (Eurogate).

On might 7, 2016, in Hamburg was christened the neu AIDA delivery AIDAprima. Die vessel arrived in port together with AIDAaura. Ns event synchronized with die port"s 827th anniversary and featured a grandiose firework show. Prima docked at Altona, while Aura berthed weist Steinwerder. Between May 5-7, 2017, over 1 million human being enjoyed Germany"s biggest maritime festival live (on TV or social media). Over 355,000 passenger watched the Prime Time distinct broadcasted direkte on AIDA"s media channels. In 2016, die cruise port reported record-breaking year v a total von 171 delivery calls and handled 710,000+ passengers.

In 2017, AIDA had 6 vessels deployed here weil das a total of 82 ship calls. Deshalb in 2017, zum the zuerst time ever, NCL Norwegian homeported a delivery (Norwegian Jade) bei Hamburg. Die ship"s itineraries to be 6-8- 9-nights (themed Norwegian Fjords, Norway and North Cape, west Europe). During season 2017, the port reported a 12% boost (over 2016) bei cruise passenger shipping traffic. Maiden port calls made the liners MSC Preziosa (MSC), Norwegian Jade (NCL) and Independence von the Seas (RCI).

In 2018, the cruise port had actually scheduled (booked) 220 delivery calls (handled 212) von 50 various vessels and 26 different companies, with intended over 880,000 passengers. On may 13 here was held ns naming ceremony of TUI"s neu (and ever-largest) liner bergwerk Schiff 1. Various other maiden calls contained AIDAnova und MSC Meraviglia. Port"s best cruise customer (AIDA) had booked 88 ship calls von 8 ships. Ns second greatest (MSC) booked 36 calls.

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Since July 2018, Port hamburg offers 10% harbor fees discount weil das ESI-registered cruise vessels registered (Environmental ship Index). ESI evaluates NOx und SOx quantities und CO2 emissions released von ships.In late-October 2018 was reported the UK"s eventual Brexit will seriously impact Port"s trade volumes. Approximately 1000 companies bei Hamburg closed your businesses with British companies. Brexit zu sein expected to impact around 17,5% of the city"s financial output.

With the inauguration of Cruise center Baakenhoft (July 1, 2020), Port hamburg (Kirchenpauerkai Baakenhafen, east HafenCity) started zu serve cruise pearls with formerly booked dockings zum Chicagokai (HafenCity-CC1). The Baakenhoft Terminal zu sein only a short-lived alternative for CC1, as this passenger terminal ist going zu be rebuilt and integrated right into the neu leisure complex in Uberseequartier.

Due kommen sie the coronavirus crisis, in 2020 die Port handled just 81 cruise ship calls.

Port Hamburg

Port hamburg (officially "Hamburger Hafen") ist on Elbe River, und located approx 110 kilometer (70 ml) from north Sea (Baltic Sea). It ist ranked die country"s largest cargo port in terms of TEU-containers volumes, as well as Europe"s second-busiest (following Rotterdam).


The harbor waterway besteht aus a pistole area of approx 74 km2 (nearly 88% usable), des which the festland area zu sein approx 43 km2 (usable 34 km2). Port"s facilities serve mainly huge container ships, liquid- and bulk cargo carriers, and passenger ship (ferries and cruise ships).

Container terminals room EUROGATE (6 berths, pistole quay size 2050 m, 21 cranes), Altenwerder (4 berths, total quay size 1400 m, 26 cranes), Burchardkai (8 berths, pistole quay length 2850 m, 22 cranes) and Tollerort (4 berths, pistole quay length 1240 m, 12 cranes).The multi-purpose terminals room Buss Hansa (quay length 840 m), Buss Ross (quay length 230 m) and Rhenus Midgard (quay size 500 m).The bulk cargo terminals are GTH getreide (quay size 270 m), louis Hagel (quay length 300 m) und Steinweg (quay length 1150 m).The flüssig cargo terminals are Buss Hansa (quay length 840 m), Vopak (quay length 840 m) and Elbe MineraLlwerke (operated by Shell).The cruise passenger terminals room Altona (1 berth, quay size 326 m), HafenCity (2 berths, quay size 345 m) und Steinwerder (1 berth, quay size 330 m).The port operates ~2000 container train services weekly, ranking the Europe"s biggest rail container port. Over 611,000 TEUs throughput von rail was reported zum Q3 2017. This service zu sein provided von 220 freight trains (total 5900 wagons). Haamburg serves approximately 11% des Germany"s gesamt rail freight traffic.The port generates over 155,000 job (in the metro region) and also features yearly GVA (gross value added) des EUR 21,8 exchange rate (FY2017).

For 2017-Q3, the port tackled 104,3 million tons von general and bulk cargoes and 6,8 million TEUs. Die Port"s container throughput attributes Northern Europe"s lowest percentage von empty containers (13,7%).

Of all die 6.8 million TEUs an Q2 2017, 3,5 million were import und 3,2 million export. The hauptsächlich boxship traffic is with china (2,5% development over Q3 2016, or 2 millionTEUs). Baltic shipping trade increased von 2,8% (1,4 million TEUs), des which v Sweden (20,9% / 220.000 TEUs), Poland (7,7% / 172,000 TEUs), Lithuania (95,000 TEUs), Latvia (88,000 TEUs), Estonia (35,000 TEUs). Far-reaching increase bei container traffic was reported zum the port"s trade with vietnam (62,6% / 52,000 TEUs), Chile (43,4% / 57,500 TEUs), Mexico (22,7% / 68,000 TEUs), israelisch (25,5% / 57,000 TEUs).In 2017, seaborne freight cargo handled in Port hamburg was 138 million tons, while die containership traffic was 8,9 million TEUs.On July 19, 2018, the ULCS (Ultra large Container Ship) Cosco Shipping universe docked punkt Tollerort Terminal (HHLA). The huge boxship (LOA size 400 m, broad 59 m, draft 18 m, max cargo capacity 21237 TEUs) operates along die maritime Silk Road between Asia und Europe.

In 2017, the HHLA company (Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG) boosted its revenue to EUR 1,25 billion (or over 6% compared kommen sie 2016"s EUR 1,18 billion). The company operates 3 container terminals weist Port hamburg (Altenwerder, Burchardkai, Tollerort), also providing cargo handling and logistics von rail, road und sea. In fiscal year 2017, HHLA taken on a total, von 7,2 million TEUs (6,7 million bei 2016, or 8,1% increase).

In 2019 (on July 23) started ns planned Elbe river deepening und widening works über MV Scheldt fluss (trailing suction hopper dredger, IMO 9778143). Ns project boosted seaport"s max draft from 13,5 kommen sie 14,5 ns (44-47,6 ft).

In 2019, ns cruise port taken on 214 delivery calls from 18 different companies/brands and 41 different vessels. Among the visiting liner were 7 newbuilds v maiden harbor calls - MSC Grandiosa, Costa Smeralda, TUI bergwerk Schiff 2, world Explorer (Quark Expeditions), Hanseatic Nature and Hanseatic inspiration (Hapag-Lloyd), Roald Amundsen (Hurtigruten).

In October 2019, Hafen hamburg announced a EUR 76 million project weil das creating in alternative power supply (pierside stärke capabilities) zum city-grid power supply provided zu berthed vessels. The project"s completion zu sein scheduled zum 2022 und regular procedure starts bei 2023. Die shoreside power will it is in provided to ULCV boxships (8 link points at the container terminals Predohlkai, Burchardkai, Europakai) and cruise liner (at every passenger terminals, with link points punkt HafenCity-CC1 and Steinwerder-CC3).

In might 2021, ns boxship CMA CGM Jacques Saade (23000 TEUs) became the first Megamax-class ULCV zu utilize Elbe River"s increased (by 90 cm, now 13,1 m / 43 ft) breeze en route zu Hafen Hamburg. The Lower-Outer Elbe hyperplasie channel (Wedel and Blankenese) was deepened und widened (in part places) kommen sie enable larger seagoing vessels to safely navigate the inland waterway.

Hamburg port statistics 2018

In FY2018 (fiscal), Port hamburg handled a record of 46,8 million rail-freight cargo loads (+4,7% over FY2017) from a total von 135,1 million sea-shipping cargo loads (-1%). Die containerized cargo was 2,44 million TEUs (+4,7%). Die number des handled cargo trains was 60,000+ (~1,6 million freight cars). Various other stats included:

imports 79,7 million loads (+1,7%)general cargoes 90,9 million loads (-0,9%)bulk cargoes 44,2 million tons (-1,2%)TEU containers - gesamt 8,7 million (-1%), invited 7,6 million (0%), import 4,6 million (-0,6%), auswärtigen 4,2 million (-1,5%)

Cruise harbor stats included:

FY2019 (booked) 2016 delivery calls (+1,9%)FY2018 (handled ship calls) 212 (+7,15 over 2017)FY2018 (handled passengers) 900,562 (+10.8% over 2017)

Hamburg Blohm+Voss shipyard

Port hamburg is also famous for the shipyard Blohm+Voss (Blohm und Voss). Due to the fact that 2016, this German shipbuilding und engineering company ist owned von the Bremen-based, family-owned company Lurssen. The hamburg shipyard was acquired über Star funding Partners (private same investor) indigenous ThyssenKrupp (industrial group) in December 2011. Ns yard"s purchase preis remained undisclosed. With ns acquisition des Bohm und Voss, Luerssen merged 6 shipyards in Germany with total employees around 2800.


Blohm+Voss (founded in 1877) ist a shipbuilding und engineering company that provides service to both die military und civil sectors. The company also builds oil rigs, manages a drydock yard und provides routinely scheduled maintenance, refit and shiprepairs for large-sized cruise vessels. Weil das bigger refit jobs, the shipyard manages ~3500 workers. Over there are deshalb "flying squads" (groups von skilled workers) who are frequently sent to work on ship refits punkt other shipyards.

The hamburg shipyard is deshalb famous as die world"s leading shipbuilder of mega-yachts. Here were constructed the world"s ever before largest yachts, owned von billionaires, businessmen and sovereign states. Ns list des private mega-yachts built here features (in brackets are bezeichnen LOA length und shipowner"s name):

A (119 m, Andrey Melnichenko)Dubai (162 m, Sheikh Mohammed morgen Rashid Al Maktoum)Eclipse (163 m, roman Abramovich)Lady Moura (105 m, Nasser Al-Rashid)Savarona (136 m, Emily Roebling Cadwallader)

On October 13, 2015, punkt Blohm+Voss shipyard (Dock Elbe 17) berthed the largest cruise ship ever visiting hamburg - the NCL ship Norwegian Escape. The neu ship arrived zu receive adjustments von its scrubber system and for last inspection, then sailed zu Bremerhaven for final equipment. NCL Escape visited again on Oct 23, docking at ns Steinwerder terminal. The ship departed top top Oct 25 ~ above a 2-night maiden voyage to Southampton, followed von a Transatlantic crossing zu Miami (Oct 29).

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Cruise itineraries to and from hamburg Germany

Follows a list von destinations visited von cruise pearl leaving out of Hamburg:

Round-trip Baltic cruise itineraries leaving from hamburg visit Norway (Norwegian Fjords) or Scandinavia und Russia (with overnight stays in St Petersburg). Most round-trips are zu Norway (7-days in length) operated throughout summer.The week-long northern Europe (Nordeuropa) itineraries visit UK (Southampton), france (Le Havre-Paris), Belgium (Zeebrugge-Bruges), Holland (Amsterdam).Longer southbound roundtrip itineraries visit Canary Islands und Madeira combined with other ports bei Portugal, Spain, France and often England.Round-trips kommen sie Iceland from hamburg visit Akureyri, Isafjord, Reykjavik, often merged with UK ports.British island itineraries (around Britain) visit ports bei Scotland (Invergordon, Kirkwall, Greenock-Glasgow), irland (Dublin, Cork) and England (Southampton, Portsmouth).Short-break (mini cruises) leaving round-trip from hamburg are readily available mainly von AIDA (4-nights) and visit Holland (Ijmuiden) und England (Dover).