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My next stop: ESL One Cologne 2019 July 5-7Review des ESL One Cologne 2018 und a look ahead zu next event16 teams möchte battle it out for $300,000 compensation money an the Lanxess Arena, CologneFive years now bei ‘Cathedral des Counter-Strike’

For those des you who have not yet met me, ns EffiBOT, DHL’s an extremely special courier who hands the end epic goodies weist amazing ESL One events around ns world. Ns a huge fan of esports und love CS:GO und Dota2. If you see me around in Cologne, come und take your picture with me. Ich always love to do that!


As freundin probably currently know, i really feel punkt home an the world des Dota2 yet am deshalb a huge fans of CS:GO and always watch forward to ESL One Cologne, Germany’s biggest respond to Strike event von the year.

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And so, despite being in the middle des preparations for ESL One Cologne 2019, i would now like to take a quick look zurück at last year’s tournament.

ESL One Cologne 2018 – Review

Fans had Cologne’s Lanxess arena really rocking and shaking tonnage year, as local heroes and firm fan favorites big caused an almighty sensation. The German team made it with to die final round yet then lost to Na`Vi and had zu settle weil das second place. Natus Vincere were the eventual winners, taking house some $125,000 in prize money from ns tournament. Berlin-based outfit big are again among the top favourite this year. Together this zu sein practically a residence game weil das them, the fan will be appropriate behind them, cheering loudly, zum sure! but ‘gob b’, ‘tabsen’ & kugel will certainly not have in easy ride.

5 years in the Cathedral des Counter-Strike

ESL One Cologne was still part von gamescom back an 2014, but ns CS:GO event des superlatives has actually been held an the Lanxess arena since 2015. Here’s a fast round-up of all ns previous winners:

2014: Ninjas bei Pyjamas2015: Fnatic2016: SK Gaming2017: SK Gaming2018: Natus Vincere

So, this will be the fifth year in a row that ns event has actually been held bei the Lanxess Arena and I can’t wait to lakers who’s going to win die title this time around.

Here are ns names des the 16 teams taking part:


Once again this year, twelve teams schutz been invite to kommen sie along, plus, there are 4 teams who schutz fought with their particular qualifying rounds and finally regulated to come good.

The guest groups are:

Astralis, BIG, ENCE, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, MIBR, mousesports, Natus Vincere, Ninjas bei Pajamas, NRG Esports, Renegades and Team Liquid

Successful attendees from ns qualis: team Vitality, Heroic, FURIA Esports and MVP PK

Who’s your favorite? phone call me bei ‘Comments’ weist the ende of mine blog posting!


Wow! the was bei incredibly exciting start to the kopieren, gruppe stages. Some des the top teams oase already moved trost into the Lower Bracket, consisting of BIG, who shed 16:4 to Astralis. This was probably ns clearest-cut game of the erste round, but anything is possible in a best-of-one (Bo1), dafür we have a Bo3 in the lower Bracket from round 2 onwards.

For the zuerst two teams, however, it was soon ‘Game Over’ again. MVP PK lost in the zuerst round to mannschaft Liquid und were then narrowly beaten von mousesports in the lower Bracket.

Renegades narrowly lost out zu FaZe Clan in the first game and were climate beaten again by FURIA Esports.

Team Liquid und NRG Esports both developed through to ns playoffs und will go trost against each various other on Thursday.

But now, the gruppe matches space next hoch with many incredibly exciting games bei store weil das us this Wednesday.

Here’s a sneak preview:


DHL EffiBOT Dash

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Play ns Future

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Group Stage: day 2

Today was a day of surprises, with some world-class groups being got rid of from die tournament weist this beforehand stage.

FaZe Clan are currently out of the reckoning ~ losing to mousesports ~ above Inferno and then on Mirage. Ence have deshalb gone out: ns Finns zuerst lost to mannschaft Vitality top top Overpass, then recovered ~ above Nuke, however ultimately lost the match ~ above Inferno. Also taking in early planen home to be Furia ~ succumbing kommen sie Natus Vincere.

BIG narrowly prevailed over MIBR von a score of 2:1 zu send the Brazilians home early. Ns Berlin-based outfit kommen sie up against Heroic tomorrow und have zu deliver, otherwise they auch will be weil das the chop.

The empfinde of ns day was die demolition des Fnatic über Astralis. The Danes won über a clear margin des 16:1 top top Train und then top top Nuke über 16:6. Fnatic slip into the lower bracket and have to come good against team Vitality tomorrow to ausblüten have a gelegenheit of progressing to the hauptsächlich tournament. Judging von their power today, this aussehen like a Herculean task zum Fnatic.

Ninjas bei Pyjamas quickly saw off the challenge from Heroic and will kommen sie up versus Astralis tomorrow in the top Bracket, bei encounter which is surely destined to be epic!

In terms of thrills and shock results, the group phase ist really hard to beat. Before ns teams walk head to head tomorrow zu qualify zum the playoffs, ich need kommen sie let whatever that happened today sink in.


Meet Esports

The "Meet ns Partners" series of events walk into ns next interesting round. Recently, a group of students to be invited kommen sie take a look at behind ns scenes on the tour gift undertaken von the Gewandhaus Orchestra. This time, the was the turn of ESL in association through Teach first Germany kommen sie welcome a class from the marie Curie Realschule an Bottrop to their headquarters in Cologne.


The school splitterpartei was given a unique opportunity kommen sie be inspired von the work des ESL, the world’s biggest provider des esport leagues und events, and to firm up ideas zum their own career development.

They were so given free tinh to fire questions at the ESL employee while acquisition a guided reisen through this huge corporate building with the glass-fronted offices.

Click right here to seen what the students saw and experienced on their visit: https://futbolpublic.com/en/esports/article/meet-esports-eslxdhl


What an amazing last day of the kopieren, gruppe stage! I’m blieb reeling after the spectacular contests bolzen the CS:GO world elite. And unfortunately, we when again had kommen sie bid farewell to some really solid teams. The first ties des the hauptsächlich event oase already been confirmed and they should be real humdingers.

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Game over for the German contingent

Having ultimately made it kommen sie Cologne, ich saw huge go down to a disappointing defeat. Heroic to be clearly the stronger team und progressed to die next round von the reduced Bracket von a 2-0 margin.

In a parallel game, Fnatic deshalb went out des the competition. Although castle managed zu take mannschaft Vitality zu extra time ~ above both maps, die French outfit came out ~ above top and relegated Fnatic zu a lowly tenth place.

In the next game of the day, NaVi defeated die mousesports team on three incredibly exciting und tight maps, in order to knocking the tonnage of the German groups out of the tournament. The final score was 2-1 for Natus Vincere. V this victory, NaVi move on to the showdown in the Lanxess Arena und look on kurse to defensive their title.

Meanwhile, mannschaft Liquid in the top Bracket were on great form, taking NRG Esports to ns limit. A 2-0 win weil das Liquid takes them into the semi-finals, leaving NRG kommen sie continue the fight in the quarter-finals.

Astralis ~ above a win run

For me, ns top game von the day was Astralis vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas. Astralis continued their to win streak, coming out on top on both maps. Return they were taken kommen sie extra time top top Dust 2, die Danes space deservedly into the semifinals.


The last game des the day pitted Heroic against team Vitality. After two enormously exciting maps, Vitality arised as winners. This order the ende for Heroic.

Playoff preview

Following today’s matches, die playoff line-up zu sein as follows: Astralis, NiP, NRG Esports, NaVi, mannschaft Liquid und Team Vitality.

These are ns quarterfinal pairings:

Ninjas bei Pyjamas vs. Natus Vincere

The winners von this conference meet mannschaft Liquid in the semi-finals.

NRG Esports vs. Team Vitality

The winners des this encounter meet Astralis an the semi-finals.

Play commences tomorrow weist 14:25 CEST and the Lanxess arena will be really rocking. I in already feeling really excited und looking forward to some titanic to meet on the taste Stage.

Are you as curious together I am to lakers who möchte win die title this year? an any case, I’m yes, really looking forward kommen sie seeing all des you there.

DHL fans Delivery über a unique Friend

Something an extremely special awaits all CS:GO fans an Cologne tomorrow. However what us have bei store for you is blieb Top Secret. Us recommend sie keep in eye top top our society media channels…


Well, what a spectacular anfang we’ve had actually to ns ESL One Cologne 2019 weekend. The Lanxess arena is when again ns center of attention for the international esports scene, und thousands of fans from every over die world schutz made die pilgrimage kommen sie Cologne zum this event. Dafür many people bei different jerseys, every cheering together and celebrating an excellent moves. Esport is awesome!

The opening game of a weekend that wollen go down in esport background pitted NRG Esports against mannschaft Vitality. Ns fans in the room were plainly rooting weil das Vitality, und their assistance did not go unrewarded. Although NRG were giving nothing away, Vitality emerged the clear winners hinweisen 2pm.

Epic autumn at the Cathedradl des CS:GO

Between die two games, ich was again able zu make one fans very glücklich with the delivery of a dhl package full of fabulous goodies. Discover out below how sie too kann sein be a winner: https://futbolpublic.com/en/esl/dhldrop/

NaVi move into ns semi-finals

Int the second encounter des the day, there was again a clear favourite among ns audience: Ninjas an Pyjamas. However this time, die fans’ joy was short-lived, since NaVi prevailed on both maps. However anyway, die atmosphere was at its optimal on Friday.

The line-up weil das both semi-finals games is now known:

Astralis vs. Team Vitality

Team liquid vs. Natus Vincere


50 year of dhl – This zu sein only die beginning

The dhl success story began bei San Francisco an 1969, und on ns occasion des our 50th birthday, we sent SirActionSlacks and Spunj on a brief journey rückseitig through time. Tun können you acknowledge all die Easter eggs?


As pointed out yesterday, freundin should keep bei eye on our social media channels. Due to the fact that today ns following videobilien appeared:

Who ist already busy packing a parcel with an excellent goodies? You will be guaranteed kommen sie know that tomorrow!


Day Two von ESL One Cologne 2019 began with bei ESL championship show match featuring Sprout Esports and Alternate Attax. Unfortunately for home fans, castle were ns only 2 German groups who actually made that onto the big stage this time.

Team Vitality prevails

The erste semi-final des the day pitted Astralis against mannschaft Vitality, und this was über far the biggest bewegt rollercoaster and the closest match I’ve ever before witnessed here in Cologne. Vitality’s map pick was Dust 2, which ns French outfit duly winner 16-8. Astralis opted zum Inferno. Over there ensued a fierce battle zum the next an important map point. Astralis won bei extra time by a score des 22-19.

So the tie went to ns third map, Overpass. Below too, neither team was giving anything away. However Astralis to be unable to come up with any tactics kommen sie counter die high-speed, managed game des Team Vitality. Ultimately, the Danes had to concede defeat zu their French opponents von a score of 9-16.


Which supposed that Vitality to be the zuerst team zu book a place an Sunday’s großartiger finale.

PashaBiceps is in the House!

Do freundin remember yesterday’s video in which a muscular gentleman was seen pack a dhl parcel with highly preferable goodies? specialized esports fans will oase recognized er instantly together no less a person than pashaBiceps. The CS:GO legend join me kommen sie delivered the dhl Drop to die lucky winner during the break, and the audience go crazy.

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The Virtus.Pro player zu sein currently inactive on ns scene, but an his very own words, the misses the big stage an extremely much. Anyway, freundin may be seeing much more of him from jetzt on attract a DHL shirt at future ESL One CS:GO events. It was definitely a good pleasure zu deliver a package along with pashaBiceps and to put a huge smile on the face of one happy fan.