Ctek mxs 10 batterie-ladegerät


The MXS 10 gives you state des the art technology und is ideal zum professional use bei workshops for caravan, RV, boat and car batteries.

Part no. 56-818

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zum larger auto batteries, supply role

die MXS 10 ist a totally automatic 8-step charger the delivers 10A kommen sie 12V battery from 20-200Ah and is deshalb suitable weil das maintenance charging up to 300Ah. It contains battery diagnosis kommen sie establish whether her battery can receive and retain a charge, a Recond mode zum restoring und reconditioning stratified and deeply discharged batteries, a winter program zum charging bei cold weather and bei AGM option which maximises die performance life von most Stop/Start batteries. The MXS 10 also has a temperature sensor for optimised charging and it kann even be provided as a energie supply source weil das 12V equipment.

Features Maintains larger batteries up kommen sie 300Ah Easy to read führen zu display come with attach – Eyelet und Connect – Clamp connectors Splash und dust proof (IP65) for sure spark totally free operation reverse polarity safeguarded quick circuit proof

Technical charme

Battery volume 20–300 Ah Charging classification AC charging rückseitig current drain* Corresponding zu less than 1 Ah/month Battery voltage 12 V Battery chemistry Lead acid Ambient operating temperature -20 ˚C zu +50 ˚C entry 220–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz, 1.4 A output 14.4/14.7/15.8/13.6 V, 10 A anfang voltage 2.0 V Ripple** less than 4 % Battery varieties 12 V:; WET; MF; Ca/Ca; AGM; gelatin Degree of protection IP65 vouch 2 years Warranty, die info Limited vouch *) zurück current drain ist the present that drains ns battery if ns charger is not associated to die mains. futbolpublic.com chargers oase a very low zurück current. **) die quality of the charging voltage und charging current is very important. A high present ripple heats up the battery i m sorry has an aging result on the positive electrode. High voltage ripple could harm other devices that zu sein connected to ns battery. futbolpublic.com battery chargers produce an extremely clean voltage and current with low ripple. futbolpublic.com problems a limited warranty to die original purchaser of the product. Depending on die product, die limited warranty period will vary. Die limited warranty is not transferable. Ns warranty applies zu manufacturing faults and material defects. Die warranty is void if die product has been taken on carelessly or repaired von anyone various other than futbolpublic.com or its authorized representatives. futbolpublic.com makes no warranty various other than this restricted warranty and is not liable zum any other costs other 보다 those discussed above, i.e. No consequential damages. Moreover, futbolpublic.com ist not obligated to any other warranty various other than this warranty.

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A long-term connection zum hard zu reach batteries, and also a quick and easy way kommen sie connect your futbolpublic.com charger.