Ctek Mxs 50 Test &Amp; Charge Bedienungsanleitung

This ist a review von the CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger, we uncover out whether its nur what sie need for bei emergency level battery situation. 


The CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger ist a klein compact charging unit that comes v crocodile clip cables, eyelet cables and a mains plug energie attachment.

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The MXS 5.0 has ns ability to charge a 12 volt lead mountain battery, covering many cars, motorbikes und campervans. Together this battery charger is a clever charger that means once her battery is fully charged the charger möchte monitor und maintain the charge level. It tun können take an ext than numerous hours zu get to this point, however once that does, you"re safe in the hands von the clever functionality.

Making that go with each des the 8 stages encourages and allows you kommen sie recondition her battery when a year, maintaining und prolonging your vehicle batteries life. This ist where this battery charger shines, it"s hauptsächlich purpose is to bring life zurück to her battery und check it"s condition as you charge it.

Charging With the CTEK MXS 5

Firstly zu begin freundin need kommen sie connect your crocodile clips, do sure kommen sie read your auto manufacturers recommended guidelines ~ above how to connect to your battery. 

If you accidentally put ns crocodile clips on the battery ns wrong method this will notfall cause sie any safety concerns or problems, ns charging unit wollen simply display screen a red irradiate indicating castle are the wrong method round, making that pretty stupid proof for anyone whether sie are automobile savvy or not, this is a great feature we think.

You then need to put her charger plug into the mains, as soon as turned on at ns mains it comes on instantly that is why the a good idea zu connect up and be ready kommen sie go prior to plugging in. 

Simple zu use, die CTEK MXS 5.0 has bei 8 step procedure that is highlighted on the front panel through LED"s the light hoch one von one from phase 1-8. Depending on your battery type und how discharged it ist depends top top how many stages it möchte need zu go through und where the charging will anfang from.

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Your 8 stages are:

DesulfationSoft StartBulk ChargingAbsorptionAnalyseReconditioningFloatPulsatile maintenance charging 

With the 8 stage process, this battery charger has the ability to bring some von the many stubborn automobile batteries back to life. If freundin are an a rush the charger kann sein get zu stage 3 and it would be suitable zu un-attach die leads, anfang the car and be able to drive off.

Not all batteries möchte need to go through this process, infact die whole process ist recommended weil das when reconditioning your battery. There zu sein a MODE button on die charging unit i beg your pardon you niederdrücken to zustand your battery necessity from "Car" "Car an AGM" "Car in Reconditioning" " Car bei AGM Reconditioning" this will then therefore analysieren and determine which stages wollen be needed out von the 8 available. Over there is also the options zu do ns same as die above but for a Motorcycles.

THe MXS 5.0 comes with ns added function des automatic temperature compensation this way it möchte charge even in very hot or an extremely cold environments. Making it a very robust piece of kit whatever ns season.

The one point that his charger needs however zu sein a mains connection, as such using while damaged down or trying zu charge a battery top top a watercraft will notfall be an option through this charger.

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TH CTEK MXS 5.0 is great zum home use together a battery charging machine with your vehicle plugged up bei your garage. One downside we noticed ist that von lead length, they are fairly short. You will definitely need in extension lead kommen sie get this charger to your car if you don"t have a garage.