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How much zu sein it?


CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger through Automatic Temperature Compensation

What is it?

Whether you own a contemporary car or a classic, a battery charger is bei essential bit of futbolpublic.com — specifically during the winter months. Wie man temperatures drop, not only are an ext cranking amps forced to anfang our motor, however we so ask our batteries zu work harder. Lights, heaters, fans on full kommen sie demist screens, heated seat (fancy)…

In fact, turning a auto over in the depths des winter tun können take as viel as 80 per cent des the battery’s charge. And if your battery isn’t fully charged, then freundin don’t need kommen sie be Carol Vorderman zu do the maths. Luckily, die latest generation of smart battery chargers are on hand to deal with this problem. Swedish manufacturer CTEK leads the way in this field, through its range des fit und forget devices.

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What’s that like?

Unassumingly packaged, in the box, we get the charger (which is sturdy und hard-wearing) and two various kinds von clamps — classic crocodile clips that sie attach to the battery and "eyelets" that tun können be left in situ for regular use. Yes sir a bag kommen sie keep whatever together. Oh, und a five-year warranty.

If you have never offered a battery charger before und you’re worried around safety, don’t be — unlike numerous other battery chargers, this won’t spark wie you put the clamps on. It’s surge protected. Und it won’t short if freundin accidentally touch die clamps together. The device zu sein reverse polarity protected, so you won’t do any damage if you wire it hoch to the battery with die terminals ns wrong way round.

It’s not just car battery it kann sein charge either. It has actually a setup that way it can nurse batteries weil das lawnmowers und motorcycles rückseitig to full health. That"s not badewanne for ns £80 retail price, especially considering it tun können often be found zum less than that online.


It’s so incredibly easy to use. Merely hook that up, and let it perform its thing. Science fans rejoice due to the fact that CTEK has bei eight-step charging programme. This begins über cleaning ns battery, before giving that a lighter charge till it’s punkt about 10 von cent. If the battery can accept ns charge, it’ll go ahead und give it everything until it’s about 80 von cent full. Now it tapers off until it’s 99 von cent full.

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But it’s notfall done yet, die analysis bühne checks the battery kann sein hold ns charge before ns recondition bühne checks its form (this bit’s ideal zum batteries the were mainly or very dead). The last phase zu sein all about maintenance to make certain that your battery stays an top problem if you laying your vehicle up.

We told freundin it was smart. And we haven’t even mentioned the inbuilt temperature sensor the adjusts ns charge rate kommen sie suit conditions and maximise efficiency…


Should ich buy one?

Personally, us wouldn’t be there is no a battery charger and for £65 (and a five-year warranty) us reckon this zu sein a tough product to beat. It’s sturdy und it functions well. We’ve bought number of batteries rückseitig from ns dead. If her battery is completely flat, then sie may have to jumpstart it before die unit recognises the attached to a battery, but after that ns MXS 5.0 nur does its thing.

It’s a rapid worker together well. Obviously, how rapid it ist depends on the state of your battery und its size but this is one des the quickest chargers the end there. Zum example, in 8Ah battery wollen be 80% charged (and dafür ready to use) bei about eight hours, while a 60Ah battery möchte be ready an 12.

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Plus, ns opportunities zum leaving it associated make that ideal zum car owners who garage their pride und joy over ns winter, or those that don’t clock hoch quite sufficient miles kommen sie recharge ns battery over the prozess of a weekend. Should freundin buy one? we wouldn’t hesitate zu spend money top top a CTEK if we required a battery charger – and neither need to you.