Cyberghost Kann Keine Verbindung Herstellen

Can"t obtain CyberGhost to working? No problem. Most common CyberGhost troubles are reasonably easy to fix. Try ns tips mentioned below kommen sie fix the belästigt yourself.

Du schaust: Cyberghost kann keine verbindung herstellen

Is CyberGhost not working weil das you? over there are various kinds von technical problems that kann arise over time wie man using CyberGhost’s VPN apps.

The an excellent news zu sein that freundin don’t need a degree an IT zu solve these issues. Anyone having basic knowledge around computer/smartphone usage can fix CyberGhost problems by themselves 90% von the time with the tips i’m going to give below.

Short ~ above Time? basic Recommendations weil das CyberGhost notfall Connecting Issue

Some general recommendations if freundin are unable zu connect are so given below. After complying with each set des instructions, check to seen if the problem persists.

Try various server locationsLog out of your account an the application and log back in. Try reconnecting ~ logging in againTemporarily disable any kind of third-party firewall or antivirus software. An some cases, such software kann sein interfere with ns VPN connectionUninstall the CyberGhost application, reboot your device und reinstall the application one timeSwitch kommen sie a different link protocol and then try zu connectDisable her router firewallReboot her router/modem

However, if you oase already tried general VPN solutions und given up on CyberGhost, you kann consider getting ExpressVPN, i m sorry is in excellent und affordable alternative auswahl to CyberGhost with premium capabilities. 

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Now, stop focus in detail ~ above some des the usual CyberGhost issues und their remedies now:

Unable kommen sie Connect to CyberGhost

If you’re unable zu connect zu CyberGhost weil das any reason, ns following tips should be the zuerst that sie should try:

1. Transforming servers

Sometimes, the belästigung is only with details servers ~ above CyberGhost’s end, which might be in the interim down zum maintenance or suffering technical problems.

Try switching zu a adjacent server ar if you’re suffering connectivity issues.


Thankfully, CyberGhost offers in immense network von 6,600+ servers zu choose from 90+ countries. If the belästigt is server-specific, this is all freundin need kommen sie do zu fix connectivity problems in this scenario.

As much as speed zu sein concerned, CyberGhost offers in der nähe des speeds on most servers however you will get ns best performance wie man connected zu servers closer zu your location.

Get ExpressVPNBest Alternative zu Cyberghost

2. Account credential problems

Having troubles logging right into CyberGhost? If so, make sure you’re notfall typing bei the wrong username or password.

Another reason that logging bei could it is in problematic ist if sie used a one-of-a-kind character von your regional language complying with a password readjust or reactivated her account v a PUK.

In this scenario, sie should try to log in with your alt password. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to call CyberGhost’s client support.

3. No internet when CyberGhost zu sein connected

This belästigung seems zu affect numerous CyberGhost users and is fairly a puzzling one. What happens is that connecting zu CyberGhost stops your internet. Also though CyberGhost zu sein able kommen sie connect successfully to your liked server, but this link itself leads to no internet connection on the user’s end.

The worry only exists an Windows operation systems. Thankfully, Microsoft has actually released in easy fix zu this problem. Click the verknüpfung below and download ns TCP/IP reset package. Http://

Run ns downloaded paper as in administrator, and it wollen reset TCP/IP automatically zum you. Restart your computer and try connecting to CyberGhost. Should arbeiten perfectly this time.

4. Remove security software conflicts

Security software application such as anti-malware und firewalls kann sein interfere with CyberGhost’s VPN connection. The problem is particularly verbunden with Malwarebytes 2. If this software is installed with CyberGhost at ns same time.

To make CyberGhost work properly again, first, uninstall both programs und then reinstall CyberGhost. As soon as this ist done, install MalwareBytes again. This have to work bei most cases, however, bei some situations, the incompatibility betwee the 2 software kann persist.

If you’re ausblüten facing the issue, sie will have to permanently uninstall Malwarebytes.

Other security software favor firewalls can also cause conflicts with CyberGhost. Zu avoid these, freundin should include CyberGhost.exe an the list von exceptions an the protection program. This möchte force die software to ignore the VPN while deshalb continuing to provide defense from security threats.

5. Switching protocols

CyberGhost uses OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP protocols. OpenVPN kann be configured kommen sie send user dünn either over ns VPN tunnel ether through UDP or TCP protocols.

Countries and ISPs the block VPN traffic also target ns UDP protocol. If you’re suffering connectivity issues, then sie should try switching over to TCP and also trying various other protocols.

Here’s how you kann sein switch protocols ~ above CyberGhost’s fenster app:

1. Offen CyberGhost > click die Gear symbol on ns top-right > Settings.

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2. Click on die connections tab > Toggle on usage TCP instead of UDP.


3. Shot connecting zu a server again. If the belästigt still persists, relocate onto the next step.

4. Click on ns VPN protocol selection drop-down menu and try different protocols until you find one working.

If your connectivity difficulties are due kommen sie a blocked protocol, then these measures should fix ns problem. Please notfall that PPTP und L2TP are notfall recommended protocols from die security point of view, so use these at your very own risk.

6. Tap adapter problems

If you oase multiple VPN service installed on your computer, their drivers und adapters can interfere through each other. Disabling ns TAP adapters des other VPNs usually solves this problem. Follow this steps to disable insanity adapters:

Open control Panel > Network und Internet > Network and Sharing zentral > change adapter settings.


You’ll find ns TAP adapters of all set up VPNs as well as your physical network.


Disable adapters des all VPNs various other than CyberGhost von right-clicking each and selecting Disable.

Once disabled, shot connecting to CyberGhost once again.

7. Windows 7 update

Users of fenstern 7 frequently report problems with a certain update the blocks CyberGhost traffic as soon as installed. This zu sein the KB2750841 update, which actually intends zu improve compatibility betwee IPv4 und IPv6.

However, it sometimes causes problems and may totally block internet traffic. The only way kommen sie deal through this belästigt is to uninstall ns said update, which wollen revert die changes.

8. Correct system time

Incorrect system time can also lead zu connection failure v CyberGhost. Dafür make sure sie adjust die date and time accurately. Von course, this doesn’t median that you oase to get ns time right down to die exact second. Just don’t it is in unreasonably outdated.

9. Exceeding the multi-login limit

CyberGhost supports 7 simultaneously connections. This ist great if you normally use VPN on multiple tools at ns same time. Other than the standard desktop und smartphone devices, sie can also install CyberGhost on Fire stick, Roku, und Kodi.

CyberGhost Issues und Fixes zum Specific Situations

Here space some services, devices, and platforms the CyberGhost is often reported to exhibit troubles with und their quick fixes:

CyberGhost not working through Netflix

To unblock Netflix with CyberGhost, freundin should use the specific streaming-optimized servers. You can find these serves in the “For streaming” option an the left-hand pane von the VPN app:


If this blieb doesn’t work, climate CyberGhost has actually probably shed its ability zu work through Netflix. A cultivation number von subscribers oase reported experiencing difficulties using CyberGhost to unblock Netflix. It’s possible that the IP addresses damit verbundenen with die VPN have been blocked by Netflix, but it remains to be seen if die provider kann overcome this issue und restore Netflix use soon.

If you’re blieb facing issues, lakers this short article on CyberGhost zum Netflix.

CyberGhost notfall working with little Torrent

To use CyberGhost with bit Torrent clients, you schutz to use one-of-a-kind servers von the provider dedicated for torrents:


Keep in mind that only die servers detailed under ns “For torrents” filter von CyberGhost wollen work with your bit torrent client. Zum more information, lakers our guide on making use of CyberGhost for torrenting.

CyberGhost not working in China

CyberGhost used to be one of the recommended VPNs zum users in China. Unfortunately, this VPN no longer works in China as die strictness von the good Firewall of china (GFW) increases.

See this list of VPNs ausblüten working in China, together there ist no saying when and if CyberGhost möchte regain die ability kommen sie break past ns GFW.

CyberGhost Alternatives

Tried all die methods over but ausblüten can’t crack the problem? perhaps it’s time kommen sie cancel CyberGhost and try a various service. Zum instance, here’s just how CyberGhost compares zu ExpressVPN, a extremely affordable VPN with premium features:

FeaturesExpressVPNCyberGhostPriceServersCustomer SupportJurisdictionLogging PolicyNetflix supportCompatibilityTrustpilot ScoreWebsite
$6.67/mo $2.17/mo
3,000+ bei 94 countries5,600+ an 90 countries
24/7 direkt chat & email support24/7 live chat & email
The british Virgin IslandsRomania
Zero logsZero logs
All devicesWindows, Mac, iOS, Android

New users tun können take advantage des CyberGhost complimentary trial zuerst to seen if they’re satisfied v the service before making a final purchase decision. This ist helpful if you’re unsure around getting CyberGhost and want a hauptsächlich of the service first.


So, there you schutz it. All ns common CyberGhost problems and their basic fixes. Try die above-mentioned tips and let us recognize which an approach worked best for you in the comment below.

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If none des the tips worked und you’re unsatisfied with this VPN, you can always go weil das a much better alternative prefer ExpressVPN.