For audiophile-minded people and passionate music listeners, a good car is deshalb defined von the sound quality of the music. Here DAB + radios open up new scope.

Du schaust: Dab+ im auto nachrüsten

Driving bei the vehicle becomes a ja wirklich experience v clear and high-quality music. That"s why more und more owners space upgrading your music systems an their cars. Lock expand the number von speakers, install base boxes or make various other changes. But weil das all those that do notfall want to put in too much effort, there zu sein a much easier change: die Switch to the DAB + radio bei your very own vehicle, already this adjust brings one higher sound qualityt and so offers one greater choice des channels, yet does retrofitting do sense zum everyone?

What is DAB +?

DAB + means the so-called Digital Audio Broadcasting. It replaces ns analog FM and opens up completely new possibilities and qualities wie man used:

Clear digital soundAdditional servicesUninterrupted and extensive reception von broadcast programs

The fm is so included bei a DAB +. However the fm cannot keep up with ns wide range des DAB + frequencies. An particular, people who favor to aufführen to stations that go beyond their own bereichen benefit from making use of DAB +: If national radio station were not or just hard kommen sie reach top top FM, this zu sein now different with DAB +. bei the meantime, more and more privatgelände stations space taking advantage von the DAB + and broadcasting über it. Deshalb it comes v one Combination von the windy broadcaster v the privatgelände broadcaster to the one currently mentioned range von programs.

DAB + possible hinweisen all?

DAB + radios space available weil das the DIN slot and the double DIN slot. An addition, the radios require an upgrade des the antenna.

Before the prices zum the new DAB + radio are contrasted on portals, die question von the possibility des upgrading arises. Are radios for example integrated into entirety multimedia systems bei chip form, die vehicle manufacturer ist the best place zu go, Under particular circumstances, it may not even schutz to be converted, it zu sein sufficient that System kommen sie update.

Otherwise DAB + radios for a DIN slot und for die double DIN slot are obtainable on die market. Therefore, before making a acquisition decision, it zu sein important zu check even if it is one des the 2 slots is present in the dashboard. an addition, DAB + radios space available zum a variety von different auto types, together as even campers and caravans, which ist why Type des vehicle should not be in obstacle.

Remove alt radio and install new DAB +

The expansion of the old radio und the fasst of the new follow an easy mechanisms. A step-by-step guide:

Remove the fm radio from ns clips und remove the cables.Insert new radio and connect with the remaining plugs.If important - usually constantly necessary, because DAB + functions with greater frequencies than fm - connect an additional antenna via in adapter deshalb that DAB + runs properly.

If this process des upgrading zu sein not auch expensive zum vehicle owners, climate a DAB + radio makes sense from this point of view. But bei addition to die effort of dismantling und installing, other components are included in a retrofit ...

Critical voices kommen sie change: What speaks against the new radio standard?

The defect or counter-arguments with which the DAB + radio ist faced stem greatly from ns past years und hardly take into account that things schutz changed.

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an 2016, zum example, die opinion was blieb circulating the DAB + would shed out in competition with die Internet. This would not be a badewanne thing if the were notfall used as an argument today. Die misconception transforms out zu be wrong, however, if sie consider how much popularity the DAB + ist experiencing. It may be at home that the internet has the upper hand and music dienstleistungen such as Spotify, the content of which is even available offline to a particular extent, are proving to be much more popular than DAB +. But ns Internet access, available punkt home, hardly ever exists on highways and generally an the car. another important point: the internet connection constantly takes nach oben costs, which is painfully noticeable bei your very own car when your own data volume zu sein used von the cabinet phone zum music streaming und other services.

For these reasons it turns out Most des the critical voices heute are no longer up kommen sie date. Instead, it have to be noted that Norway zu sein already abolishing FM and Switzerland intends kommen sie do so by 2021 at die earliest, but by 2025 at ns latest. As necessary show the progress von digitization an a direction the speaks weil das DAB +.

Why upgrading kommen sie DAB + renders sense

In enhancement to die great sounds, the DAB + radio provides plenty of helpful extr functions.

If die Internet and the use of the streaming services are associated with fees und access zu sein not constantly available, the situation with a DAB + radio ist different: one now very an excellent availability on motorways und roads makes zum a consistently excellent sound experience kommen sie reality. In addition, DAB + radios - noted they room equipped accordingly - kann sein display extr information zum the respective radio station:

sender nameJust play titlesartistsalbum Cover

In addition kommen sie these functionalities, DAB + radios deshalb score point out advanced service that reflect, zum example, die weather report and traffic information. die traffic radio ist conveyed in a scope and reliability that conventional auto radios can not manage for reasons of capacity alone.

Nevertheless, if the internet is thought about indispensable, there zu sein DAB + radios that have in additional internet radio integrated in addition to ns FM.

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Conclusion: DAB + radio makes sense? A matter of priorities!

Despite all ns existing advantages and the outdated criticism, die question von the meaning von retrofitting to die DAB + radio is not simply dealt with. Because there ist one A number of useful tuning options, i beg your pardon may incorporate a Windbreak or High-tech temperature screens fall. As a result, tuning is never really over, und whether a DAB + radio should it is in at ns top of the list is up kommen sie everyone to decide for themselves. Pioneers of good sound and persons who listen to national radio stations and Radio reception abroad retrofitting ist recommended. On ns other hand, civilization who enjoy ns practical use und ease des use of a car may lage the DAB + radio further down an the retrofit list. Yet irgendwann, die trend shows, ns Switch zu DAB + radio necessary or even inevitable .



DAB + stands weil das "Digital Audio broadcasting Plus" (new radio standard)Compared zu conventional radio reception (VHF), DAB + has a viel wider range of programsNot only regional, but also national channels kann sein be receivedDigital radio signal is less prone to interferenceThe digital radio signal sounds better than FMThe digital radio signal can so be received using a DAB + adapter (glue an the antenna, attach the control panel an the cockpit, let"s go) - DAB + adapter should bring along a hands-free kit zum the phone - die DAB + adapter must allow accessibility to die mobile phone über a voice assistant - DAB + adapter should have music streaming dienstleistungen such as spotify implemented - DAB + adapter tun können be powered by batteries, die on-board network, or both - DAB + adapter should oase SD memory card slot (but notfall a must) - DAB + adapter should bring standards such together BT and DAB + music transmission durch aux or fm transmitter - If possible, the DAB + adapter should lug its own apps for spotify playlists & Co. - there room DAB + adapters that kann sein access the google Assistant or Siri (Voice control can be provided comfortably while driving) - the DAB + adapter should schutz a display that instantly adjusts die brightness to the lighting conditionsDAB + adapters room usually easy kommen sie installA great DAB + adapter allows perfect transmission via fm transmitter or von using the aux cable


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