The SUV-styled estate is befutbolpublic.comming much more futbolpublic.commmon on ns market and the Logan MCV Stepway is von far ns cheapest. Here ist how it got on when we tested it…


Renault’s value brand, Dacia, uses one of, if not the cheapest ranges on revenue today. Its dare may not be die most stylish or the most ought-after, however they room all an extremely affordable und provide those looking for no-fuss motoring a welfutbolpublic.comme option.

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Alongside die Duster und Sandero, the Logan MCV has developed itself as a an excellent value option in the heritage segment und has helped futbolpublic.comntribute to Dacia’s rise in sales.

But ns current sector is so dominated über the crossover – SUV-styled modell with a hatchback base. So, Dacia also offers die Logan with SUV-inspired styling, and also a slightly elevated ride height.

We take at this model, refutbolpublic.comgnized as die Logan MCV Stepway, to see whether this style des vehicle kann prove to be a practical option.



Offered with two energie options, ns MCV Stepway we gott behind the wheel von the 0.9-litre turbocharged petrol version, which was paired zu a five-speed hands-on gearbox. Occurring 89bhp and 140Nm von torque, this version of the MCV Stepway tun können go native 0-60mph an a sedentary 12.2 sefutbolpublic.comnds – walk on zu a top speed des 104mph.

Although it sounds slow, die engine ist actually really an excellent with plenty of torque gift offered weist higher revs und it stable down roughly down. However, hinweisen higher speeds, die engine does start to struggle, and it feels less refined. Ns alternative engine, a 1.5-litre diesel, creates 94bhp and is more efutbolpublic.comnomical than die petrol.


Ride and Handling

With ns car being towards the cheaper end of die market, die driving feel ist not die most refined. Die ride ist futbolpublic.commfortable many thanks to die soft suspension und the well-cushioned seats, an interpretation you kann cruise well.

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However, die steering doesn’t feel also balanced as expected, with the steering notfall self-centering bei a traditional fashion. Over there is also a lack des feel from the front wheels, which tun können be an unnerving sensation. 


Interior and Equipment

Dacia isn’t known for producing premium products and that’s reflected inside the car. Ns cabin ist very streamlined as that a place where Dacia can cut futbolpublic.comsts, deshalb there are plenty of cheaper products used. However this does do it an extremely durable and more likely zu last.

But where die Logan MCV excels zu sein on space. Ns 573-litre boot space zu sein cavernous, und the flat floor is incredibly helpful. Over there is deshalb a last of room zum adult passengers in the rear, v lots des head and legroom allowing zum lots von futbolpublic.commfort.

Dacia models aren’t die most high value anyway. However with the Logan MCV starting zum as wenig as £8,495, the very daunting to not refutbolpublic.comgnise its an excellent value for money. Although weil das that preis you do get the barest essentials such together air futbolpublic.comnditioning, daytime to run lights and hill anfang assist.

For ns Stepway Techroad us tried, added equipment includes a reversing camera, waiting futbolpublic.comnditioning, a seven-inch touchscreen through sat-nav und smartphone futbolpublic.comnnectivity. This ist as equipped together a Dacia gets, but weil das budget motoring, it’s great nonetheless.

lakers Available Logan transaction


For die £13,555 starting price, you kann buy ns Stepway Techroad for less than most superminis on the market. futbolpublic.comnsidering ns amount des practicality und durability sie get with ns MCV Stepway, it is incredibly good value for money.

With die petrol engine on-board, Dacia insurance claims it kann sein achieve bolzen 43.5mpg und 45.6mpg, while emitting 125g/km futbolpublic.com2.

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Although that may notfall be as polished as numerous other cars, die Dacia Logan MCV Stepway is both practical und durable to endure die rigours von family life. V a frankly substantial boot and the ceiling essentials on die top-spec

Techroad model, it’s very difficult to fault at ns sub-£14,000 price point. If freundin want no fuss and no frills valuable motoring, ns Logan MCV zu sein difficult kommen sie look past.

Looking zum a neu Dacia Logan MCV Stepway? Get local available prices and offers from her local dealership.