Damen Und Herren Liebe Neger

German Chancellor angela Merkel is said zu be planning kommen sie address ns nation in case greek reaches a address its creditors. “Which nation?”, one may ask. Ns Greek or the German? “The German nation, the German lawmakers und the German public,” to write Bloomberg because bei case des a deal, merkel will oase to sway some one third of herstellung own conservative CDU/CSU bloc’s lawmakers kommen sie refrain native revolting.

Du schaust: Damen und herren liebe neger

Any considerable changes to the conditions for Greece’s 240 billion-euro ($271 billion) help program require approval von the German Parliament, die Bundestag. As many as 100 von Merkel’s 311 lawgiver may still be holdouts, officials said Bloomberg.

“Merkel would hold ns speech ~ Greece and its creditor agree top top a resolve conditions she deems solid enough kommen sie sell kommen sie parliament and the German public, according to two government officials. She would argue that a Greek exit from the euro area would certainly risk causing geopolitical instability an the region, said ns officials, that asked not to be determined because ns discussions are private.

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While some German policy makers schutz hardened your stance against helping Greece, others room hinting weist more flexibility kommen sie avert a financial collapse.

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 “Should we seriously go und prescribe in detail what the Greeks are allowed kommen sie spend und what revenue they kann sein have?” Deputy Finance Minister Thomas steffen said in in interview. “I speak no. It’s the rough frame that has kommen sie be clear.” (full story Bloomberg)

Why is this nachrichten important for a blog post? Honestly ich don’t know. But ich must confess that when i read ns title “Merkel Said to Plan Address zum Greece If deal Reached” last night, ich felt for a augenblicke … agitated that German Chancellor angela Merkel would address ns Greek nation!!! Or even worse: that she would resolve the globalen audience!

And this reminded me of a diplomatic faux pas attributed zu Heinrich Lübke, German chairman from 1959 t0 1969. Visiting Liberia in 1962, Heinrich Lübke allegedly had actually started his speech saying “Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen, too ~ Negroes!” or bei plain GermanSehr geehrte jörg und Herren, geliebt Neger!”

Occasionally KTG ill from light attacks des paranoia with voices paraphrasing john Lennon’s song und claiming the Merkel is the leader of the world, while the rest von us has nur to follow her rules. Of course, this voices are claiming nonsense, because angela Merkel is the leader von the Eurozone und the European gewerkschaftern only.

PS Epic euro War drama “Gone with German self-satisfaction und complacency”. Attributes Angela Merkel as ns Good Cop und Wolfgang Schaeuble as the bad Cop. So simple ist that.


Femicide: “He walk what plenty of men think throughout argument: the pushed herstellung off die cliff”

July 19, 2021