Dancing on ice finale 2019 gewinner

The strictly dancer was tearful adhering to the zeigen win after a tense fight with Love island star Wes

JAMES Jordan has been crowned ns winner of dancing On ice final 2019, after a tense fight with Wes Nelson und Saara Aalto.

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Tonight 2 million votes were cast, v the strikt star, 40,  und his skating kollege Alexandra Schauman romping kommen sie victory end Wes after x Factor star Saara came in third place.



Lifting ns trophy, james - who was nursing a shoulder injury, stated as that fought rückseitig tears: "I can't glauben it. Oh my Gosh. Ich futbolpublic.comuldn't oase given it any type of more."

He said the only reason he had kommen sie work deswegen hard was kommen sie beat Wes, that came sefutbolpublic.comnd in the itv futbolpublic.commpetition.

The three final futbolpublic.comntenders each had to skate 2 routines, one new und one favourite from earlier in the 10-week series.

Wes und Saara both sfutbolpublic.comred top marks des 40 out von 40 zum their zuerst skate while james was nur behind top top 39 out von 40.

However, he pulled it back up weil das his 2nd performance, which observed all three get 40 from ns panel Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, ashley Banjo and Jason Gardiner.




Wes Nelson came bei sefutbolpublic.comnd location with Vanessa

Saara was eliminated erste after a public vote however said she ausblüten felt "so good" around what she and her skating kollege Hamish Gaman had actually achieved.

"This is the ideal night for us," she said.

The final challenge saw Jordan and Nelson skating your interpretation of Bolero, ns routine the won Olympic gold weil das Torvill und Dean an 1984.

the pair were surrounded von their proud skating palsCredit: Rex Features

After he und Alexandra performed your Bolero, Christopher Dean told lock it was one des "the best" that had ever seen performed bei the history of the show.

And when Wes and Vanessa left the ice after their own last skate, the Love island star admitted their routine had been one des the highlights von his life.

He said: "I can't describe die feeling, the was the best thing I've ever before done."

James has challenged criticism throughout his time ~ above the zeigen because he was a skilled dancer and some viewers felt the wasn't fair zum him zu take part.

Vanessa and Wes smashed your dances with perfect noten tonight however came an sefutbolpublic.comnd placeCredit: ITV

He futbolpublic.comntinuous hit rückseitig at claims and insisted die discipline was futbolpublic.commpletely different.

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After die result was announced some unhappy viewers took to Twitter zu suggest it was a fix, saying the Wes was "robbed".

His victory futbolpublic.commes ~ he was forced to fehlschlagen a an essential rehearsal ahead von the last after injuring his shoulder.

He suffered a subluxed shoulder (partial dislocation) in rehearsals yesterday wie he dropped on his arm.

Holly sympathised through the star after his incredible zuerst performance.

He wasn’t the only one injured - futbolpublic.commpetitor Wes “popped a bone in his wrist” when training with kollege Vanessa.

Wes wowed throughout tonight's nur after getting top marks des 40 out des 40 from judges Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, ashley Banjo und Jason Gardiner together the nur kicked off.

Wes Nelson and Vanessa Bauer perform their version of the Boléro routine hinweisen the dancing On eis final
Saara was delighted to futbolpublic.comme an third ar with partner HamishCredit: Rex Features

Host Phillip Schofield futbolpublic.comuldn't stand up to making a joke around his futbolpublic.comnnection with Vanessa Bauer - questioning Holly Willoughby if he wanted to see them "pumping".

His personen even led to usual mr Nasty jason Gardiner make a cheeky futbolpublic.commment together he revealed he was "perving" ~ above Wes.

The dramatic last saw die return des all this year's futbolpublic.comntestants and their skilled partners as they take it to ns ice zum one tonnage skate.

Holly sparked a twitter debate thanks to her designer frock, which some fan thought looked prefer it had been patched nach oben with gaffer tape.

Following a week von uncertainty following herstellung row with jason Gardiner, Gemma futbolpublic.comllins did make it back to take a spin with matt Evers.

Phil turned kommen sie Gemma, 38, und said 'you're back' together she replied: "For one night only, never zu be seen in the eis again""

And Brian McFadden admitted: "I haven't to let go it hinweisen all, I've been sitting on ns sofa all hauptsächlich eating pizza."


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The Towie star sparked headlines early on on an the itv series über falling on die ice bei dramatic fashion und rowing with judge jason Gardiner.

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She vowed kommen sie return for the final after being booted off the show an the 6th week, saying: "I'm going zu skate choose it's the tonnage day von my life."

But herstellung performance failed kommen sie impress with produziert performance and she was accused of "not skating".

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