Daniel craig und rachel weisz

After postponing die release day multiple times due to COVID-19, daniel Craig's final James verknüpfung film, No Time kommen sie Die, is finally walking ahead danach this year (November 11 zu be precise). 

And ~ above Wednesday, die star-studded world premiere walk ahead bei London, England.

Du schaust: Daniel craig und rachel weisz

Prince William and Kate Middleton to be there, too as prince Charles und Camilla. But 007's wife, Rachel Weisz, was nowhere in sight.


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The Spill
Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig bei 2004. Image: Getty. 

"I never thought ich would acquire married," Weisz called The Standard in 2018. 

"It was not in ambition von mine. That was ns opposite. Ich couldn’t relate kommen sie romantic futbolpublic.comedies - marriage seems kommen sie be the whole point des them. Climate it just happened, happily, at a more mature moment."

Weisz soon learned how much she loved being married.

"I'm very glücklich being married. Very, very happy. Ich love being Mrs. Craig," she told the New york Times."I'm Mrs. Craig on mine checkbooks und passports und things."

The following year, the couple do their zuerst red carpet appearance punkt the madrid premiere of The mädchen with die Dragon Tattoo.

Image: Getty. 

Speaking through More magazine, über E! Online, Weisz explainedwhy she likes keeping their marital relationship out von the spotlight.

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"He’s just too famous. It would certainly be a betrayal. You schutz to safeguard your marriage," she said. 

"When you’re young, freundin tell her girlfriends everything. One von the an excellent pleasures of notfall being an adolescent ist that you don’t have to re-publishing everything."

Craig reiterated that his wife has helped save their leben as normalerweise as possible, in spite of their status.

"There to be phones back then, but nobody used the cameras," that told DuJour magazine of meeting fans. "Or therewas a rule, if who did it, you’d be like, 'What ns f**k are freundin doing?!' 

"My wife ist the best an the world hinweisen all that, she’ll just turn zu them und go, 'No, thank freundin very much,' and they’re like, 'Okay.'"

Image: Getty. 

But when ns couple occasionally talk about their mitarbeiter life together, it seems pretty bloody normal.

"We talk around films that we love or plays. We love to walk to lakers theatre and discuss dinge that we've seen," Weisz said Good Morning America

"I love to cook. Daniel is so very good weist it," she so shared. "We constantly enjoy trying outdifferent kinds of cuisine and having fun through that."

In april 2018, Weisz said The neu York Times that she and Craig were expecting a baby together. 

"I’ll be showing soon," she said. "Daniel und I are so happy. We’re going to oase a wenig human. Us can’t wait to meet ihm or her. It’s every such a mystery."

Five month later, bei September 2018, ns couple invited a daughter. Neither craig nor Weisz schutz shared image or herstellung name.

They've deshalb decided the she will be their just child together.

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"I absolutely know there won’t be an additional one," Weisz called The Mirror in 2018. 

"When i had my child i thought I’d schutz maybe two or three more. But the preciousness des a new life und family means dafür much more now I’m an ext mature und older. 

"My son was a miracle, and it was an incredible experience. But doing the again jetzt I’m older ist very deep und very precious. I am very lucky." 

In August, it was announced the Daniel craig would get a whopping AUD$139 million zu appear bei Netflix's Knives Out sequels. During bei interview shortly after, he shared his children wollen receive none of it.