Daniel meyer bares für rares

“Bares zum Rares” (“Cash for rarities”) zu sein a täglich German TV zeigen that erste aired in 2013 on ZDF. It usually airs punkt 15:05 und lasts zum 45 kommen sie 60 minutes, running without advertisement breaks. Ns host of the zeigen is horst Lichter, who has actually been a popular cook on TV shows, although in the meantime being well known as a host for all kinds of shows. Ns series was a sleeper hit the gathered a vast multi-generational fanbase und managed to become ZDF’s greatest afternoon show to date. That reaches up to 3 million jeden tag viewers. As von May 2018, eight seasons with end 450 episodes schutz been produced.

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The concept von the fact show ist that ordinary people come to the ”Bares für Rares” hall, bringing along items castle assume kommen sie be rare, very old or expensive, to oase their precious be estimated by experts. An case die expert’s report ist the exact same or higher as ns person’s expectations, they are allowed kommen sie meet a round des five professional traders who will bid for the object without understanding its worth. Whether the seller ist satisfied with die highest bid (which, considering they room traders themselves, zu sein usually a bit below the price), they might or may not sell die object. One episode commonly features six different objects.The show’s unforeseen success story is mostly due zu how the differed native other similar shows that aired an Germany before. Some des them focused solely on expertises, und were an extremely dry und factual, others concentrated on bad people that were an need zum money offering what they had actually at garage sales with die help von a trader, and were too many emotional and presumably staged.Now, “Bares zum Rares” ist more irradiate hearted. Not only does horst Lichter constantly provide funny dialog, ns recurring cast of traders so adds personality to ns show, and it’s really thrilling hearing your bids getting greater while knowing their really price. Although in many cases the traders are more likable than die sellers, sie are constantly sympathizing with the latter and hope weil das them zu get as much as possible, and sometimes an ext than the object ist actually worth. The traders, many des which oase very distinctive quirks, ways of talking and different professional and regional backgrounds (there space sophisticated art dealers as much as junk industry traders from die countryside), are a crucial part des the show. Throughout viel of the show there has usually to be a standard cast von five dealers, consisting von Walter Lehnertz, susanne Steiger, Fabian Kahl, wolf Pauritsch and Ludwig Hofmaier. In some episodes, various other traders filled in for those von them that couldn’t take it part in the show, i beg your pardon became more common as die series walk on. In more current episodes, daniel Meyer, julianisch Schmitz-Avila, Friedrich Häusser and Elke Velten-Tönnies ended up being recurring members that frequently alternating with ns traditional cast. Except them, there oase been fairly a couple of other short-lived replacements.This list is zum honoring our favourite traders top top “Bares zum Rares”!
1 Ludwig Hofmaier

Walter ist without a doubt ns funniest of the bunch. He"s from die countryside and always has actually some very direct however friendly humor, and a lot of "running gags" in his behavior. His bids always anfang with 80 euros, whether it"s unsecured trash or high value Jewelry. Also, often wie he doesn"t get ns object zum sale, he buys the package it came bei separately. And while various other traders usage words favor object or artefact, Walter supplies words like "der Prügel" ("the club") or "der Vogel" ("the bird") to describe them. He always feels really light hearted und fun. That being said, he always buys ns stupidest things. One of two people it"s destructive kitsch weil das which he payment prices greater than die actual worth, or it"s naught worth kommen sie begin with. The other traders buy sachen they assume market well, yet he buys jene he personally likes, and he does schutz a thing zum terrible trash.

3 Fabian Kahl

Fabian is fashionable, androgynous and cool. He"s even more unlike die stereotype des the stiff, suit wearing und humorless nett trader than die others, and that"s what provides him deswegen awesome. That usually just buys antique artefacts that rechts to the tone des his family"s castle, und despite being really young contrasted to die others, has a vast knowledge of nett history. He"s also the many likely of the traders to buy objects zum himself instead des re-selling them.

4 Wolfgang Pauritsch

Wolfgang is in Austrian auctioneer through a big knowledge bei arts, historic pieces and special understand (e.g. Freemasons objects). Due zu his job, that knows die prices really well and has many regular customers weil das extremely certain interests.

5 Julian Schmitz-Avila

Julian is in extrovert type that seems to be constantly an a good mood and so knows what the wants. He certainly gets points for sympathy due to the fact that with him the bidding process always feels choose a friendly. He doesn"t it seems ~ to schutz a particular interest, that bids weil das almost every object.

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6 Susanne Steiger

Susanne is a an extremely confident, an extremely professional und very persistent young frau who will notfall give up until she has her preferred object. Wie man a bidding fight between two traders occurs, she is usually involved in it, und often, i tend zu sympathize v her. She prefers kommen sie buy luxurious jewelry und accessories.

7 Saskia Montag-Seewald

Saskia periodically steps bei for susanne as a skilled jewelry trader. Indigenous all des the female traders an the nur that temporarily took her place, she is von far ns best choice, as she has all ns qualities that susanne has, just bei a lighter form. Ns other women were constantly pretty restrained, hesitant und didn"t really rechts into die fun atmosphere of the bidding round, however Saskia ist the only one personally from susanne that might keep die men in their place.

8 Daniel Meyer

Daniel keeps it professional und win oriented. He"s certainly a pro bei art und antique trading, und knows what he does. He"s deshalb less extroverted than the other traders and less likely to take a risk.

9 Sandra Vanessa Schäfer

Sandra was the predecessor von Susanne an the zuerst season which had only 6 episodes (note: season 7 had actually 208 episodes). We gott little impression von her in this quick period des time, but unlike some other guest traders, she didn"t stand out negatively.

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10 Elke Velten-Tönnies

I need to admit that i was stunned the she has already appeared in so many episodes. Largely because to me, she left no impression hinweisen all. She"s probably pretty quiet and does notfall bid that often, und it"s notfall that she"s notfall likable, but in between all these memorable people, she just doesn"t stand out.