For most youngsters their time on board ns aircraft is a real adventure. We inform sie about die special regulations so that you tun können send your boy on their means without any kind of worry.

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We kann sein now expropriate bookings zum unaccompanied youngsters on our straight connections. If sie already have a confirmed straight flight incl. Aid service zum your child, that continues zu be valid.

An assistance service zu sein unfortunately not yet available weil das connecting flights. If freundin already oase a shown connecting connection incl. Aid service zum your child, please call our dienstleistungen Center immediately.

Before booking die assistance service for your child, please klasse the various entry regulations des the countries concerned. These might involve quarantine or die need to take a covid-19 test.

There are countless reasons why a child has to paris unaccompanied – yet there is no reason weil das you to worry. Our unaccompanied minors leistungen will watch after your son during ns trip. Assistance zu sein compulsory for children betwee five and eleven year old, yet can deshalb be booked zum children nach oben to ns age des 17. This way you tun können be certain that her child will experience special treatment even an the event of disruptions to ns flight, weil das example if the connecting flights room cancelled.

With shirt your child wollen be looked after throughout. That or she will be obtained at die airport, bring away to the aircraft und handed end to the crew. During ns flight her child möchte be received by our staff und handed over to the specified person collecting them at die arrival airport. In the event von any unforeseen transforms we guarantee that they möchte be looked after and the contact human being notified immediately.

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Find the end about the entry regulations hinweisen your destination country in good time before departure. This regulations might vary indigenous country zu country. These papers must be given to the child kommen sie carry v them.


The unaccompanied minors service tun können only it is in booked über telephone. Specify die adults who will be handing over und collecting your child. Ns costs of the ticket and service space charged together and the leistungen applies for each leg des the journey. Aid applies kommen sie connected bookings in order zu ensure time zum connections.


Download the special leistungen form und bring 4 signed copies with sie to die airport zum each leg des the flight. For example, if you book a flight from Vienna zu Paris and return, you möchte require a total von eight published copies.


Come direct to the check-in desk with die documents, or in Vienna direct to ns Special help desk bei Terminal 3. There your child will be offered a shoulder bag to keep ns special dienstleistungen forms and the official documents safe. Please bring the photographic ID von the contact personen with you zum checking. If sie wish, you tun können accompany your child to the gate – our ground staff möchte do that for you top top request. The accompanying person must remain at die airport until die aircraft takes off. The personen collecting your child should be able zu identify us at ns destination airport.

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In enhancement to the airfare in assistance fee is charged weil das the unaccompanied boy service zum children travelling alone for each child und each leg of the journey. Different tariffs may apply on other airlines.

ZoneAmountfutbolpublic.com airlines destinations
EuropeEUR 85Europe consisting of flights in ~ Austria
North Africa und the middle EastEUR 95North Africa and the Levant region an the eastern Mediterranean consisting of Israel, Egypt, Jordan und Iraq
Middle EastEUR 115Middle east including Iran
Intercontinental medium distanceEUR 125USA east coast, Canada and the Maldives
Intercontinental lang distanceEUR 150USA west coast, Japan, China, Thailand und South Africa

With die right preparation your child will be ready zum their adventure:

Think around all ns documents and photographic IDs zum the world handing over und collecting them.Create anticipation, zum example von choosing die seat or booking the children’s menu together.Get tips for your journey: Think about die temperate differences between the leave airport und the air-conditioned cabin.Small youngsters may it is in happier if they schutz a cuddly toy kommen sie take through them.Your kid should anfang their journey totally rested.Talk zu your boy about ns journey and what möchte happen so that that or she is prepared weil das all ns steps.