Das Lied Is Mir Egal

Here’s ns English translation von “Is mich egal” freundin never knew sie needed kommen sie askfor

This week, die BVG (or berlin Transit Corp, basically the berlin equivalent von the MTA for you neu Yorkers) went the way von “Supergeil” and put the end a viral ad based on the curious work von a youtube star. This time said star zu sein Kazim Akboga, and the spot zu sein called “Is mir egal” (I don’t care. No, i care, “is mich egal,” which ist slang zum “das ist mir egal,” way I don’t care.) fun fact: The zuerst German curse i learned was a form of “das ist mir egal,” which ist “scheiß egal,” which way “I don’t give a shit.”

But i do! i give many shits about this spectacular video.

Du schaust: Das lied is mir egal

I deshalb think that ns English-speaking publicly DESERVES kommen sie know the lyrics (which, like “Supergeil,” range from “a three-year-old would say this” zu “something even the kid who sleeps throughGerman every day 101 would get right”).

So, here you go. I have also “helpfully” annotated each thing die BVG allegedly “doesn’t care” around viz. Its veracity, and, also, don’t think i DIDN’T notice the conspicuous absence of all die U-Bahn passenger drinking beere at 10 p.m. On a Friday night, which zu sein technically not allowed but literally everyone does the on die way to wherever they’re going.

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Like, 15-year-olds or 50-year-olds, hipsters, moms, whatever. Everyone has a beere on the U-Bahn at one allude or another. They must make a video about that. Anyway. Here zu sein your translation.


Mach mal ns Beat(Give me a beat)

Is mir egal, egalIs mir egal, egalI don’t care

Montag morgen – is mir egalMonatsticket – is mir egalKeine Ticket – ist nicht egalIst nicht egal, egalMonday morning – i don’t treatment (T)Monthly ticket – ich don’t treatment (T)No ticket – ich care, i care(T—don’t try kommen sie ride without a ticket or they will fuck you UP. Von which i mean frown at you and kick you off the train and fine you)

Mann mit bauch – is mir egalMusik laut – is mir egalHund mit Hai – is mir egalIs mich egal, egalMann with midriff – i don’t care (T)Loud music – i don’t care (definitely counts on conductor/driver mood)Dog through shark – ich don’t treatment (T, IFF sharkdog has muzzleand leash)

Mann dürfe Umzug – is ich egalMann in Pferd – is mich egalMann an Mann – is mich egalIs mir egal, egalMan moves furniture – ich don’t treatment (literally: “man renders moving,” und definitely t if you’re quick around it)Man top top a equine – i don’t care (F)Man on einer – i don’t treatment (definitely T, berlin is LGBT friendly und PDA is kühl across the spectrum bei most neighborhoods)

Striptease – is mich egalOma mit Gruftis – is mich egalBart bei Ladies – is ich egalIs mir egal, egalStriptease – i don’t treatment (I’ll provide that one a strong “maybe” escape on ns line und time von day)Grandma with Goths – i don’t treatment (T and definitely possible)Beard on ladies – i don’t treatment (T)

Kein Kleingeld – is mir egalKein Trinkgeld – is mich egalGar nein Geld – ist nicht egalIst no egal, egalNo small change – ich don’t treatment (F, the bus driver wollen kick you the fuck turn off if freundin try giving ihm 500 EUR, even if it’s together a gift)No reminder – i don’t care (definitely T, old German ladies don’t tip anyone zum anything ever)No money punkt all – i care (T)

Zwiebel ausschnitt – is ich egalKäse gestrüpp – is ich egalRoboter mit Senf – is ich egalIs mich egal, egalCutting onions – i don’t care (I’ll provide that a “probably,” though you might acquire yelled at)Grating cheese – ich don’t treatment (depends on the type von cheese I’d wager)Robot through mustard – ich don’t care (T, though if ns robot zu sein big enough he might have to purchase a ticket)

So schmeckt Schal – is mir egalDas ist Karl – sind nicht WalStevens Regal – is mich egalIs ich egal, egalThis ist what a scarf tastes prefer – ich don’t treatment (DEFINITELY T, and if mine baby is to it is in believed, delicious)This ist Karl – no whale (sure)Steven’s shelves – i don’t care (why not?)

Mann mit geräumt – is mich egalFrau mit stengel – is mich egalKind mit Bommel – is mir egalIs mir egal, egalMan v drum – ich don’t treatment (probably F, despite if Germany is in the world cup i imagine there room no rules)Woman through “potato-nose” – ich don’t treatment (T, and so RUDE!!)Child with pompom – ich don’t care (T)

Das ist starkMendelssohn-Bartholdy-ParkDas zu sein PlagiatJunge kann sein SpagatThat is strong (T)Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park (a stop on the U2 that definitely exists)That’s plagiarism (pretty certain it’s legal, if not inadvisable, to have a bodysuit make out of the “festive” U-Bahn upholstery)Boy does the aufteilung (T, unless he trips in old lady doing it)

Is ich egal, egalIs mich egal, egal

Könnt ihr machen – ist ich egalSolche dinge – sind uns egalWir freundin lieben – ist euch egalIst sie egal, egalYou kann sein do that – ich don’t treatment (F)This kind of stuff – we don’t treatment (F)We love you guys – you don’t care (I’d say either F/T or T/T, but the second certainly T)You don’t treatment (T)