Daten von iphone zu iphone übertragen

If freundin want to transfer your info from an additional device kommen sie your neu iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, follow this steps:

Make certain that you zurück up her previous iOS device dafür that you can transfer the inhalt to the neu device.

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If you already set nach oben your neu device but want to anfang over, learn how zu erase her iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Otherwise, follow these steps:

Press und hold die device"s power button until you seen the sich entschuldigen logo. You"ll then see "Hello" an many languages. Follow the steps zu get started.If you"re eine remote or schutz low vision, you canturn top top VoiceOver or Zoomfrom ns Hello screen.

When asked, select your language. Climate tap your country or region. This affects how information looks on her device, consisting of date, time, contacts, und more. Weist this point, you tun können tap ns blue accessibility taste to set trost Accessibility options that kann optimize her setup experience and the use des your neu device.

Get helpif her iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch won"t revolve on, or if her device zu sein disabled or calls for a passcode.


If you schutz another device, use quick Start

If you schutz another device, you tun können use it zu automatically set hoch your new device with fast Start. Bring die two tools close together, und thenfollow the instructions.

If freundin don’t schutz anotherdevice, insanity "Set trost Manually" zu continue.


Activate your device

You need kommen sie connect kommen sie a Wi-Fi network, a to move network, or iTunes kommen sie activate und continue setting hoch your device.

Tap die Wi-Fi network that sie want zu use or choose a various option. If you"re setting up in iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular), sie might need kommen sie insert your iPhone sim karte card or iPad sim card first.

Get aid if youcan"t connect to Wi-Fiorif sie can"t activate her iPhone.


Set up Face identifier or Touch ID and create a passcode

On some devices, you kann sein set upFace IDorTouch ID. Withthese features, you kann sein use confront recognition or her fingerprintto unlock her device and make purchases. Tap Continue und follow ns instructions, or tap "Set trost Later an Settings."

Next, collection a six-digit passcode kommen sie helpprotect her data. You need a passcodeto use functions like confront ID, Touch ID, und Pay. If you"d like a four-digit passcode, tradition passcode, or no passcode, madness "Passcode Options."


Restore or lieferung your information und data

If freundin havean iCloud back-up ora backupmade from your computeror in Android device, you can restore or lieferung your charme from your old device zu your new device.

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If sie don"t oase a back-up or another device, selectDon"t transfer Apps & Data.


Sign in with your apfel ID

Enter your apfel ID und password,or insanity "Forgot password or don"t have an ID?" native there, you can recover your apfel ID or password, create an ID, or collection it trost later. If freundin use more than one apfel ID, madness "Use different IDs weil das iCloud and iTunes?"

When sie sign in with your apfel ID, freundin might be prompted for a confirmation code from her previous device.


Turn on automatic updates and set hoch other features

On die next screens, you kann sein decide whether toshare informationwith anwendung developers und allow iOS to update automatically.


Set nach oben Siri and other services

Next, you"ll it is in asked zu set up or permit services und features, prefer Siri. On part devices, you"ll it is in asked to speak a few phrases deshalb that Siri can get zu know your voice.

If you signed bei with your apfel ID, follow die steps to set up sich entschuldigen Pay und iCloud Keychain.


Set nach oben Screen Time and more display options

Screen Time gives you insight into how much time you und your youngsters spend on her devices. It also lets you set time limits for daily app use. After you set up Screen Time,you tun können turn ~ above True tone if your maker futbolpublic.coms it, and use display Zoom kommen sie adjust die size des icons and text ~ above your home screen.

If sie have bei iPhone ns or later, learn an ext aboutusing gestures zu navigate your device. If you have an iPhone with a house button, you kann sein adjust ns click for your home button.


Finish up

Tap "Get Started" kommen sie begin utilizing your device. Make a for sure copy des your dünn bybacking up,and learn about an ext features bei the user guide for youriPhone,iPad, oriPod touch.

If you"re neu to iPhone, learn more about getting started und using your iPhone.

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