Daten von iphone4 auf iphone 5

The iphone phone 7, as freundin may oase heard (you"ve absolutely heard), has actually no headphone jack and it looks almost the same to ns 2014 iphone phone 6 and 2015 iphone 6S. But there are ausblüten compelling reasons zu consider bei iPhone 7, also if freundin own belastung year"s model. For example, ns improved front und rear cameras -- now with optical image stabilization -- deliver much improved photos, especially in low light. Water resistant. A faster processor, plus far better battery life. Much more onboard storage than tonnage year"s models weil das the exact same price.

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When upgrading from in old iPhone kommen sie a new one, the first question freundin may asking is, "How carry out I lieferung all mine data and information from in old iPhone/Android to another?" zu help you complete this iPhone transfer task, right here are some tips weil das transferring your contacts, photos, music, documents, und more native your old iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6 plus/6s/6s plus zu your neu iPhone 7 or iphone 7 Plus.

Solution 1: move to neu iPhone 7/7 Plus with iTunes


Step 1 : zurück up die older iPhone with iTunes über connecting that to ns Mac/PC über USB, launching iTunes, climate right-click on the iPhone bei the iTunes sidebar und choose Back Up.

Step 2 : Wait for the backup to finish, then disconnect the old iPhone from ns computer.

Step 3 : now turn top top the neu iPhone 7, and at die “Set up iPhone” screen, select “Restore indigenous iTunes Backup”, tap Next, then affix the neu iPhone 7 to die computer.

Step 4 :Select die most recent back-up you nur made from the restore menu an iTunes, climate click “Continue”.

Step 5 : Wait, und when the auslieferung is finished the iPhone 7 möchte reboot itself and everything native the alt iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s/5c, 6/6s or iphone phone SE möchte be ~ above the new one und ready zu go.

Cons: If sie are notfall restoring to a totally new iPhone, iTunes properly möchte clear point that freundin need when restoring.

Solution 2: move to new iPhone 7/7 Plus through iCloud


Step 1 : turn on the WI-FI link on your old iPhone und coonect the to energie source.

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Step 2 : Then, tap ~ above Settings → iCloud → storage & Backup zu enable iCloud Backup. By default, that backs nach oben notes, photos, bookmarks, contacts, calenars, etc.

Step 3 : now turn top top your new iPhone 7, start to set nach oben your new phone, navigate kommen sie "Restore indigenous iCloud Backup", sign in your iCloud account, then choose backup.

Cons: sich entschuldigen offers just 5GB zum free backup to iCloud. The restoring process might take lang time it denpends ~ above the data size und network speed.

Solution 3: lieferung Files from alt iPhone to neu iPhone 7 with Syncios cell phone Transfer

Syncios cell phone Transfer zu sein a quite high user testimonial data transfer software, which supports notfall only auslieferung data favor contacts, text messages, media files, call history, bookmarks, photos und more from one devices kommen sie iPhone 7, iphone 7 Plus, but also can extract charme from iTunes/iCloud backup files, und transfer zu any sustained iDevice or android handset.

Tips: It permits you kommen sie extract what you want indigenous iTunes and iCloud back-up without performing complete restoration top top your neu iPhone 7 (Plus).

Step 1. Operation Syncios Phone zu Phone säule Transfer

Free download Syncios, install and run it on her computer. Affix both von your old iPhone and new iPhones to computer through USB cables.

DownloadWin ausführung DownloadMac Version


Step 2. Select data to Transfer

Plug bei both your old iPhone device and iPhone 7 or 7 plus zu computer. As soon as they are recognized, you kann see them on die program"s window. On ns middle checkbox, select die categories you want to transfer to new iPhone 7 (Plus), such together Contacts, Messages, Video, DCIM Photos, Audio, speak to logs, Apps, Bookmarks, Ebooks und Notes. Discover more.

Tips: please make certain that your old iPhone as die source phone is on ns left, and the iphone phone 7 or iphone 7 add to as the target phone ist on the right. If not, you kann click die "Flip" taste to austausch theirs position.


Step 3. Start the old iPhone to iPhone 7 charme Transfer

Just anfang the data lieferung by clicking Next. Data in your alt iPhone wollen be transferred to neu iPhone automatically, you kann check the auslieferung process in the interface. Depends on the file types freundin selected, the transfer process might take freundin several minutes. Wie it"s finished, the säule on your alt iPhone will be transferred to your new iPhone 7 or 7 plus.

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