Steps for transferring data betwee a fenstern 8 Tablet und a PC.

Summary: Steps zum transferring data bolzen a windows 8 Tablet and a PC.See much less Steps for transferring data betwee a fenster 8 Tablet and a PC.

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This post contains information about "Transferring data betwee a windows 8 tablet and another mitarbeiter Computer (Client and Host devices)."

Cannot transfer Data from a windows 8 Tablet zu PC

When freundin connect your windows 8 based tablet computer (Latitude 10/ST2, to meet 8 Pro, or venue 11 Pro) zu a personal computer (PC) über USB cable connection. Freundin cannot lieferung data between the systems. This is because these are both "Host" devices.

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There ist no failure in the system, it zu sein working together designed.

Understanding Client und Host Devices

Data communication über USB zu sein done utilizing a client und host process. Fenster 8 tablets are a hold device and connecting them über USB connection zu another fenster system will notfall provide charme transfer. You can connect a customer device like a USB journey or a cell-phone kommen sie your fenstern 8 tablet computer with a USB cable, but not to another fenster device.

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Android based tablets (Venue 7 and 8) operate in the client mode dafür that wie connected zu a windows computer data tun können be senden via USB (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Hosts to Host data auslieferung cables are bei option that wollen allow 2 host system to communicate über USB cable (Figure 2).

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Figure 2

An example von such a cable is shown bei this link: ns j5 develop Wormhole switch (JUC400)

a Micro-USB to USB adapter would so be forced on tablets that only schutz Micro-USB harbor (Venue 8 pro as in example.)

Note: various other file transfer options encompass sharing files over a wireless network or via a USB storage device and moving the storage device betwee the tablet and the system.


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