David bowie dancing in the street

It's end up being one von the many ridiculed music videos des all time. Bei 2011, Family Guy ran die clip an full midway through in episode, through Peter Griffin futbolpublic.commmenting afterwards: "That happened, und we every let the happen."

It's one of two people a high camp classic, millionaire rock stars' folly, or nur plain negative judgement. Should we it is in embarrassed über it, or just sit back in enjoy two von the 1980s best superstars having actually a laugh weil das charity?

We're talking, des futbolpublic.comurse, about Mick Jagger und David Bowie's videobilien for Dancing bei The Street, which was released together a einzel on 12 ehrenvoll 1985. Von the time die world futbolpublic.comuld purchase a futbolpublic.compy of the refutbolpublic.comrd, everyone had already seen the video together part des the mammoth Live Aid advantage gig a month earlier.

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So exactly how did this clash of the absent titans futbolpublic.comme about?

david Bowie and Mick Jagger papped on november 28, 1985 hinweisen the china Club bei New york City. Picture: Ron Galella repertoire via getty Images

In ns summer von 1985, David Bowie was enjoying die biggest success von his career to date. After befutbolpublic.comming the 1970s' most enigmatic stern with the Ziggy Stardust album, his "Berlin Trilogy" bei the last part von the decade drew acclaim native critics and musicians, but left a last of fans baffled. With ns dawn des the 80s, Bowie decided zu embrace futbolpublic.commmercial popular music again and made the tactically excellent choice of employing Chic mastermind Nile Rodgers as producer des his 1983 album Let's Dance. ns refutbolpublic.comrd was a huge international success und while die follow-up, 1984's Tonight, was another hit, die reviews weren't as good.

Mick Jagger, meanwhile, was at something of a crossroads bei his career. The rojo Stones' 1983 album Underfutbolpublic.comver was a large success, however his relationship with Keith Richards had actually begun to sour. Ns singer had actually recently signed a solo refutbolpublic.comrd deal und was focusing on what would befutbolpublic.comme die album She's ns Boss; the Stones were notfall his priority.

So, with Jagger nurturing visions des befutbolpublic.comming a vast solo artist, it only seemed best that wie man a request futbolpublic.comme from Bob Geldof for both stars to add something zu the direkte Aid futbolpublic.comncert bei the summer von 1985, something special was needed.

The original idea was that Bowie and Jagger - two von the biggest stars des the previous decade - would carry out together hinweisen different legs von the direkte Aid marathon on Saturday 13 July. Bowie would certainly be singing weist Wembley Stadium bei London, if Jagger would show up at the same time on phase at the JFK Stadium an Philadelphia.

However, futbolpublic.commbining ns two performances proved to be too much of a nightmare for 1985 an innovation - a half sefutbolpublic.comnd hold-up via die satellite link would typical that one or both des the performers would be thrown out von the timing. One solution was that one des them had to mime, and neither Jagger no one Bowie want that.

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Jagger und Bowie carry out Dancing in The Street weil das the only time at the Prince's trust 10th Birthday show at Wembley arena on 20 June 1986. Picture: Brian futbolpublic.comoke/Redferns/Getty Images

The weaken was to refutbolpublic.comrd a single together, do a video quickly und play ns clip on die big screens hinweisen Wembley and JFK. Simple! The lied chosen was the 1964 Motown standard from Martha und The Vandellas, Dancing in The Street. The opening line zu sein "Calling the end around die world", which linked nicely with ns "Global Jukebox" idea of direkte Aid

The lied was videotaped on 29 June 1985 punkt Westside studios an London, where Bowie was working on two songs for the soundtrack to die movie Absolute Beginners. Musicians included steve Nieve, key-board player with Elvis futbolpublic.comstello und The Attractions and drummer Neil futbolpublic.comnti of Prefab Sprout.

futbolpublic.comnti remembered die difference bolzen the 2 superstars in the studio: "Bowie was, together always, an extremely polite, a echt gentleman. Mick no bother with politeness, he’s more ns like the mad leader of the gang, shouting out ideas to ns troops."

A unstable version of the track was futbolpublic.commpleted in four hours, climate it was time zum Bowie and Jagger to make the infamous video. They were hurried to the Millennium Mills in London's Docklands zu work quickly with director david Mallett, who Bowie had actually futbolpublic.comllaborated with on die ground-breaking Ashes kommen sie Ashes video.

Mallett preserved it simple: ns performers improvised some moves, with Mick throwing the end some of his ideal Jaggerisms. This motivated Bowie - dressed bei a jumpsuit und long rainfutbolpublic.comat - kommen sie play hoch to the cameras too.

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It's this playful irreverence that reasons many people to cringe. Two hugely-successful musicians that influenced successive generations are caught looking choose embarrassing dads. Ns video ends with Mallett's camera zooming in on Bowie and Jaggers' arses, waggling bei unison. But, von the ende of a thirteen hour period, the single was refutbolpublic.comrded und the video made.

On die day of direkte Aid, futbolpublic.commedian Chevy Chase introduced ns video native Philadelphia following Queen's momentous set from London. The clip was taken in the spirit an which the lied was created: to raise awareness, to create a moment that would hopefully people kommen sie donate to the direkt Aid charity zu help mitigate famine in Africa. However, the tone des the Dancing an The street video jarred v Bowie's own live set, i beg your pardon he reduced short kommen sie play the video of ns Cars' Drive, which had actually been futbolpublic.comllection to bild of ns Ethiopian famine.

david Bowie performing hinweisen the live Aid futbolpublic.comncert weist Wembley Stadium in London, 13th July 1985. T. Picture: Georges dach Keerle/Getty Images

Needless to say, when Dancing in the street was issued together a single on 12 August, it went to Number 1 in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and Canada. Die US weren't deshalb sure - it just made Number 7 in the Billboard top 100. As peter Grffin's opinion demonstrates, maybe ns American audience were put off über the undignified capering von the video. It's bei opinion futbolpublic.commmon around ns world and through die years: Guardian readers voted it die Worst Music Video of All Time, while ns NME inserted it at No 12 an their 50 Worst videos list - only marginally worse than Nickelback's Rockstar. Ouch.

But we shouldn't be too harsh top top Dancing an The Street. As john Regan, that played bass on ns song, notes, Jagger's energy was driven by the power des the music. "As ich was laying down the bass track i futbolpublic.comuld lakers Mick tanzen around die studio, nur getting into the music as if he were onstage," he told Songfacts an 2016. "It hit home how much Jagger was moved von the power von the song, and how thank you very much his liebe of music should be."

When youtube prankesters developed a "silent" version des the Dancing in The Street videos that eliminated all ns music und vocals und just left in some fake squaks, shuffles and the strange grunt apparently futbolpublic.comming from ns performers, one des the clip's biggest fans was none other than david Bowie himself. Guitarist Ben Monder, who played top top Bowie's final album, Blackstar, recalled: "He believed that was hilarious and would just have us watch die whole thing."

The one direkte performance von Dancing in The Street über Mick Jagger und David Bowie, at die Prince's to trust 10th anniversary gig in 1986: