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About ich Write The lied

"I Write the Songs" is a popular lied written über Bruce Johnston bei 1975 but made famous über Barry Manilow.

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Manilow"s ausführung reached number one on ns Billboard warm 100 chart bei January 1976 ~ spending two weeks atop ns Billboard adult modern-day chart in December 1975. It winner a Grammy Award zum Song des the Year and was nominated zum Record des the Year bei 1977. Billboard ranked that as die No. 13 song von 1976. The original ausführung was recorded über The Captain & Tennille, who functioned with Johnston an the early on 1970s with ns Beach Boys. It appears on your 1975 album love Will keep Us Together. The erste release von "I Write ns Songs" together a einzel was von then teen-idol david Cassidy native his 1975 solo album ns Higher castle Climb, which was also produced by Johnston.

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Cassidy"s version reached number 11 on the UK Singles Chart in August of that year. Johnston has declared that, for him, die "I" in the song zu sein God, and that songs kommen sie from die spirit of creativity in everyone. He has said that ns song ist not around his Beach guys bandmate Brian Wilson. Manilow was initially reluctant kommen sie record ns song, stating in his autobiography Sweet Life: "The problem with the lied was the if sie didn"t listen carefully to the lyric, sie would think that the singer was singing around himself. It might be misinterpreted together a monumental ego trip." after persuasion von Clive Davis, then president of Arista Records, Manilow recorded the song, and his version des "I Write die Songs" was the first single bring away from die album Tryin" kommen sie Get die Feeling. It first charted on die Billboard hot 100 on november 15, 1975, reaching ns top von the chart nine weeks later, on januar 17, 1976.more »

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I"ve been lively forever, und I wrote ns very zuerst songI put ns words und the melodies togetherI am music and I write the songsI compose the lieder that make die whole world singI write die songs des love and special thingsI write the lieder that make ns young girl cryI write ns songs, ich write the songsMy home lies deep within youAnd I"ve gott my very own place bei your soulNow, when ich look out through your eyesI"m young again, also though I"m very oldOh my music makes you danceAnd gives sie spirit to take a chanceAnd i wrote some rock "n" roll so you kann sein moveMusic fills your heartWell, that"s a ja wirklich fine place zu startIt"s from me it"s zum youIt"s from you, it"s zum meIt"s a global symphony

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david Cassidy david Bruce Cassidy (born april 12, 1950) is an American actor, singer, songwriter and guitarist. He ist best known zum his function as the character of Keith Partridge in the 1970s musical/sitcom ns Partridge Family.

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He was one von pop culture"s most celebrated teen idols, enjoy it a successful pop career an the 1970s, und still performs today. Much more »