A das lied written in Venezuela an the 1950s and recorded von Julio Iglesias bei the 1970s ist now sung bei stadiums across die world – thanks to a youtube video

By Copa90, part des the Guardian sports Network

As football geschichten take top top a viral nature, chants und melodies room carrying like never ever before, becoming internet trends favor dabbing and the mannequin challenge. Fans’ chants space travelling like never before. Will Grigg’s top top Fire defined the summer an ext than david Guetta’s official euro 2016 choice, This One’s zum You, yet no das lied has spread out across the planet prefer Dale Cavese, the erste football chant zu gain global popularity through ns internet. Ns tune has made the small Italian society SS Cavese 1919 welt famous; previously they were finest known for a three-year stint an Serie B bei the beforehand 1980s.

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The melody comes the song Moliendo Café, which was written in Venezuela bei 1958. It has been reinterpreted bei many languages, but found its greatest audience wie revived by Julio Iglesias bei 1976. A couple of years later, the das lied became staple weil das Boca Juniors fan at the la Bombonera, where it would certainly remain almost exclusively zum three decades, until, with a series of coincidences, that appeared bei Italy.

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When the original YouTube video was uploaded an April 2007, the website was still an its infancy. Yet somehow, through the power of fans forums und social media, it found popularity across ns globe. Ns Argentinian version, Dale Boca (Come top top Boca), take it on drums und trumpets, i m sorry are not allowed in Italian stadiums zum cultural und security reasons. This das lied has because evolved an different parts von the world. Besiktas execute it as a call und response, und Aris Thessaloniki and Montpellier oase given the lied lyrics.

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The straightforward melody and its global popularity together a popular music song bei the 1960s und 1970s has actually made it beloved über all. Its expansion as bei internet phenomenon tells united state something around how fans culture zu sein developing today.

30 teams of fans from 30 countries singing die song

1) Italy 2) San jose Earthquakes, vereinigte staaten 3) Zamalek, Egypt4) west Sydney, Australia5) Ajax, Holland6) Lokeren Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium7) Besiktas, Turkey8) Iraklis, Greece9) Stevenage, England10) Rangers, schottland 11) Swansea City, Wales12) ja wirklich Madrid, Spain13) Mainz, Germany14) Trepca 89, Kosovo15) Dynamo Kyiv, Ukraine16) Lille, France17) Persib, Indonesia18) Consadole Sapporo, japan 19) Clube dach Remo, Brazil20) Tigres, Mexico21) Peñarol, Uruguay22) AIK, Sweden23) society Universidad juni Chile, Chile24) América außerdem Cali, Colombia25) Petrolul Ploiesti, Romania26) Górnik Zabrze, Poland27) SV Austria Salzburg, Austria28) san Lorenzo, Argentina29) Olimpia, Paraguay30) St Patrick’s Athletic, Ireland