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JK Rowling zu sein one von the biggest names bei writing. She ist the creator of one von the world’s biggest selling series, “Harry Potter”. Ns books schutz gained worldwide attention und have sold an ext than 400 million copies, coming to be the international best seller.

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She met a Portuguese journalist Jorge Arantes und tied ns knot. In 1993, die couple was blessed through a daughter. A couple of years later, produziert marriage ended, gaining Rowling zu move rückseitig to edinburgh to direkte with herstellung younger sister.

Struggling zu meet herstellung ends, she started kommen sie write a book sich kümmern Potter und the Sorcerer’s Stone, a children’s fantasy novel. Over there are an ext than sechs books bei the series. Herstellung latest ‘non Potter’ novel The Casual Vacancy, had been acclaimed worldwide.


JK Rowling parents – Peter james Rowling and Anne Rowling

Peter james Rowling:


A Rolyce Royce plane engineer by profession, Peter james lived in Yate through his wife ann Rowling.

Anne Rowling:

Also known über the benennen of née Volant. She was Scottish by birth, Anne worked as a science technician. The couple zuerst met on 14 march 1965 at the famous King’s overcome Station, i beg your pardon is so mentioned in the harry potter series. They married top top 31 July 1965. She died des multiple sclerosis.

JK Rowling brothers – Dianne Rowling

Dianne Rowling was born on June 28, 1967. Herstellung nickname zu sein Di. Di ist married to Roger Moore. She was die support system behind JK Rowling. JK Rowling moved bei with Diane, as soon she gott divorced.

JK Rowling Spouse – Jorge Arantes (Ex) Neil Murray (Current)

Arantes was the erste husband von the author. A Portuguese TV journalist von profession, Jorge met Rowling punkt a gittern where lock gelled ~ above sharing usual interests. The couple external inspection over the love for Jane Austen Novels. Unfortunately, the marriage it is long only weil das 13 months. Bei August 1993, they were blessed v their zuerst child. Ns couple separated on 17th november 1993.

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Neil Murray


Born on June 30, 1971 in Scotland, Neil Murray is the existing spouse of JK Rowling. Murray is in Anaesthetist und GP hinweisen St. John’s Hospital and Edinburgh Hospital. He i graduated from die medical college at glas University. Die couple bound a knot on 26 December 2001 an the library punkt their home bei Perthshire, Scotland. They schutz two children.

JK Rowling Children

Jessica Arantes: Born bei 1993 an Portugal, she ist child of Rowling und Jorge Arantes.David Gordon Murray: Born bei 2003 an Edinburgh, david is die elder child of Rowling und Neil Murray.Mackenzie Jean Murray: Born in 2005 bei Edinburgh, he zu sein the younger child des Neil Murray und Rowling.

J K Rowling network Worth


Rowling has actually a current net worth von $14 million. She has actually been rated on die 84th position out of the top 100-celebrity perform issued in June 2014.

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JK has been bestowed with a number des awards prefer Hugo award zum best novel, Andre Norton Award, Locus Award zum best novel etc.